Woman Gets Vision Back After Chiropractic Adjustment

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Chiropractic therapy is also defined as complementary and alternative medicine discipline focusing on general wellness through manipulations and adjustments. Manual Therapy is the main technique that is involved in Chiropractic treatment. Including counseling for health and lifestyle, Chiropractic treatment also involves manipulation of the spine, soft tissues and other joints.  It is pre-assumed by the traditional Chiropractic system, that a dysfunction in spinal joint or vertebral subluxation interferes with the functionality of a body and its instinctive intelligence.

A true example is set by Laura Hattier who was born with no vision. She was blind and was unable to see like a normal person.  At birth she was diagnosed with congenital nystagmus - a condition in which involuntary shaking is experienced by an eye resulting in vision loss. With her growing age, Laura’s vision started getting improved but even then didn’t allowed her to play and behave like normal children. She was still legally blind.

But nothing stopped her from working to achieve her goals. Additionally she started suffering from severe stomach ulcers and doctors continued telling her no hopes of improvement for either condition. Even with both these severe disorders, she never lost her confidence and when she turned 16, she entered a beauty pageant and won. This was a great confidence booster for her and eventually her life changed after this. She met Chiropractor Donald Hattier who adjusted her chiropractic and it was then when Laura’s ulcers got diminished. With Chiropractic therapy even her vision started improving with a better pace.

Now her life has totally changed as she can see with a better vision now, she is well settled in her life and is able to manage her family of 4 children in a very well manner. Laura’s improvement after chiropractic therapy was so much acknowledged that her case appeared in August 3, 2005 issue of the The Daily Times of Delaware.

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