What Is Intersegmental Traction?

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Intersegmental traction is a chiropractic technique which stimulates motion in the spine, leading to increased flexibility, a greater range of motion, and improved mobility. The technique is carried out with the help of a special bench designed for the purpose, which has rollers fitted on its surface. The patient lies on this bench, after which the rollers are set into motion, imparting a gentle, relaxing motion all over the length of the spine. Most patients describe the procedure to be extremely relaxing and effective in alleviating back pain and a host of other disorders.

The technique works by stimulating blood supply to the spinal discs. The flow of blood to these discs is usually impeded due to subluxations (a dysfunctional spinal segment). This causes a deficiency of essential nutrients, leading to the thinning and degeneration of the discs. When such a patient is subjected to intersegmental traction, the discs and the area around them is massaged, leading to increased blood supply, as well as increased intake of nutrients. This strengthens the discs, ligaments and muscles, leading to increased strength, flexibility and endurance.

The two main areas of concern that are effectively tackled by the procedure are muscle spasms and muscle guarding. The most common causes of both these conditions are fatigue, repetitive stress, and injury. The tightness and spasm in the back muscles results in shortening of these muscles, which in turn pulls the vertebrae (spinal joints) out of their original position, resulting in their misalignment. Due to this, the vertebral discs which serve as a protective cushioning to the vertebrae are either displaced or ruptured leading to varying degrees of pain.

During intersegmental traction, the rollers work in gently elongating the muscles in the back, restoring them to their original position. This leads to the alleviation of muscle spasm, and gradually improves the range of motion of the spinal joints.  When the muscles are loosened and relaxed the vertebrae regain their range of motion.  The vertebral discs also come back to their original position, and resume their previous function of cushioning the vertebrae, leading to relief from the pain experienced by the patient. All in all, intersegmental traction is an effective way for the long-term and sustainable management of back pain, which eradicates the root cause of pain, instead of temporarily relieving symptoms.

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