Vertigo, Dizziness And Chiropractic Treatment

by Administrator 5. April 2013 13:48

Vertigo is a medical condition wherein a person experiences dizziness and feels giddy. This commotion can lead to nausea and also the patient can find it difficult to balance his body. However, now chronic vertigo patients have found a ray of hope in chiropractic treatment, which is easily available in Killeen. This cure can remove the symptoms of vertigo in a few treatment sessions.


One of the major reasons behind vertigo and dizziness is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), also known as Benign Vertigo or Positional Vertigo. BPPV originates in the inner ear and can shoot off after a head or neck trauma. Severe cold or virus attack can also be the reason behind suffering from this disease. BPPV causes repeated attacks of positional vertigo. In this case, the patient feels a spinning sensation due to the changes in the head’s position. The other causes of dizziness are acute vestibular neuronitis or labyrinthitis. Sometimes, tumors, stroke or other diseases of the nerves can also lead to dizziness.

If you too are suffering from this problem, visit an experienced chiropractor in Killeen as soon as possible. He will be able to determine the exact reason behind your problem after a thorough check-up.


Chiropractic treatment has proven to be very beneficial in patients suffering from the problem of vertigo and dizziness. The treatment involves manipulations of the affected cervical vertebrae to bring them back to the correct position. The vertebrae that are mainly worked upon are C1 and C2 and their re-alignment helps in treating various types of vertigo.

Treatment with the help of chiropractic manipulations is particularly helpful when a sudden trauma has caused discomfort in the neck vertebra and led to the symptoms of vertigo. A chiropractic doctor assesses the condition of the patient by thoroughly performing a physical or neurological examination. A complete recovery plan is designed only after a proper diagnosis.

Several of the BPPV patients can be cured by using the Epley or Semont Manoeuvre. This technique is very useful and mostly tolerable by the patients of BPPV. The doctor basically makes use of gravity to position the calcium carbonate crystals in such a way in the inner ear that they do not cause the symptoms anymore. The doctor further prescribes some exercises that are to be done at the home.

This treatment is very safe as there are no harmful painkillers or antibiotics involved. Also, the root cause of the problem is eliminated to provide permanent relief. After 3-4 sittings, the patient feels a lot better and most of the symptoms vanish away.

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