Ulcerative Colitis And Chiropractic Care

by Administrator 12. July 2012 13:40

Ulcerative colitis is a disease of the digestive system, and is one of the major types of Inflammatory Bowel disease. The typical symptoms of the disease are frequent diarrhea with blood. The disease usually manifests by the age of 30, and affects around 10% of the American population. It is believed to occur due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Dietary modifications are found to relieve the symptoms to a certain extent. The treatment of the disease follows the standard approach for treating autoimmune disorders, including anti-inflammatory drugs and immune-suppressants. In severe cases, a surgical procedure referred to as colectomy might be performed.

Chiropractic treatment of ulcerative colitis is gaining popularity owing to the side effects of the prolonged use of medications prescribed for the disease. Since ulcerative colitis is essentially non-curable, its treatment merely involves remission, or the suppression of symptoms, which is followed by a relapse upon discontinuation of medicine. Chiropractic cure for the disease, on the other hand, follows an approach in which the cause of the disease is eradicated, instead of merely focusing on the symptoms. The underlying basis of this treatment is that the mind and the body are deeply interconnected, and need to be treated as a single entity.

Chiropractic care for ulcerative colitis places focus on the spine, by correcting vertebral subluxations, which in turn relieve pressure from the nervous system, and ultimately correct the abnormalities in the immune system, which underlie the disorder. The mechanism of how chiropractic treatment works for ulcerative colitis involves a complex chain of interlinked events, which in tandem with each other, lead to the complete eradication of the disease. The chiropractic treatment starts with a thorough physical and lifestyle examination, in which the chiropractor identifies the cause of the disease in the patient being treated.

In several cases, ulcerative colitis has been found to be a result of prolonged stress and poor lifestyle habits. The chiropractic treatment also involves counseling for these aspects, to ensure that the basic cause of the disease is eliminated. Apart from this, the correction of posture that is a part of this treatment also helps in restoring the normal functioning of the colon. Most patients also report a significant fall in the amount of stress experienced by them, following a few chiropractic sessions. Finally, the treatment works by correcting subluxations in the vertebrae, hence taking off the pressure on the surrounding nerves, and improving the functioning of the immune system.

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