Treating Herniated Disc With Chiropractics

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When a person is suffering from back pain, his routine activities turn problematic and at times even unbearable. Herniated disk is one of the reasons for the back pain. It is often referred to as ruptured disk or slipped disk. The spine comprises of bones which are buffered by small pads that are oval in shape and consist of disks or cartilage. These disks comprise of hard outer layer and soft inner layers or nucleus. 

A small portion of the nucleus comes out from a tear in the annulus in the spinal canal when a herniated disk occurs. The outcome of a herniated disk is pain, aggravation in the nerve, numbness in arms and legs and weakness in the back. Conservative treatment works considerably with a disk herniation. Surgical operation is not a wise decision for herniated disk.

Some of the symptoms of a herniated disk are weakness and numbness in the neck, lower back, chest, leg, shoulder and pain in arm, leg or back. These conditions even get worse when you sneeze, sit or cough.

You need to consult a chiropractor in case you suffer from terrible back pain ceaselessly for over a week. Back pain normally gives you trouble with your day to day activities for a week or two. The pain and irritation gets better in a time span of about four to six weeks. For people who make an effort to take rest and still see no difference in the level of the pain, need to consult a chiropractor for better treatment and quick relief.

You need to get help if your pain heightens and not lessens, if you experience numbness and weakness in your legs and if you lose control over your bowels. Many nerve roots get compressed in your spine because of herniated disks or spinal tumor. This compression is addressed as cauda equine syndrome and is quite terrible. But in case you go for chiropractic treatment at a correct time, you can get cured faster and also get relief from the pain.

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