Study Shows Chiropractic Better Than Muscle Relaxants for Low Back Pain

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The Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapeutics featured a research on the comparison between muscle relaxants and chiropractic care in their July/August issue of 2004. This study was focused on those affected with intense lower back ache.

They experienced sub-acute back ache that lasted over a period ranging from two to twelve weeks. It was found during the course of the study that around seventy five to eighty five percent of the American population was known to suffer from this ailment at least once in their lifetime. Annually, fifteen to twenty percent of American adults experienced lower back ache.

Life University situated in Georgia was host to a related study in which 192 participants were involved. For the purpose of this experiment, they were divided into 3 different groups one of which underwent chiropractic adjustments. The second one took muscle relaxants and underwent faux chiropractic care. The last group received neither of the two but believed to receive both in the form of placebos and fake chiropractic care. After every two weeks, an assessment of the patients was made.

These evaluations were made on the basis of the pain experienced, the amount of disability and the state of mind of the patients. The motor skills and ability to move freely along with elasticity were also considered. If any of them was using Tylenol, this was also taken into account. The results of this study were astounding and showed the first group receiving chiropractic therapy to be showing marked improvement in the levels of pain that could be easily distinguished from the remaining two in terms of the incomparable progress made. When it came to disability, elasticity and depressive symptoms, all groups were found to be more or less at the same level and all of them showed development.

The authors who conducted and recorded this study did admit that perhaps an experiments spanning over a relatively more time could be more conclusive in terms of the effects in different areas. However, it was also duly noted that when it comes to chronic pain, there was nothing that could replace chiropractic therapy.

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