Severe Asthma with Chronic Cough Helped by Chiropractic - A Case Study

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The Journal of Subluxation Research published an important case study relating to the health transformation observed in a seven year old girl said to be suffering from asthma three years ago. This fortunate miracle came about due to regular chiropractic therapy that she underwent and enabled her recovery from a disease that she has been suffering from since she was two years of age.

Talks with her mother revealed that she would suffer the onset of an attack as soon as she came in contact with dust particles or even cold, chilly air. Her conditioned went on worsening as she gained age becoming the worst at seven years of age when she was forced to consume at least two dozes of tablets in a single day and use a variety of inhalers to ward off possible asthmatic attacks.

Apart from the general discomfort experienced, she suffered from many other side effects of her disease including serious colds and illnesses. This in turn required her to procure even more medicines to maintain her health. Her breathing remained constricted for most parts of the day along with bouts of coughing as well as sneezing. Her weakened condition did not even allow her to participate in any activity that put a strain on her physically. She was also reported to have been taken to the ER multiple times this year alone.

After having tried all sorts of conventional treatments and failing to receive effective or long lasting results, her parents decided to try chiropractic therapy and head to a centre offering this treatment. Her treatment began after an assessment of her health was made. It was decided that she would receive therapy two to three times on a weekly basis and a period of three weeks was fixed initially in which her condition was to be observed before further prescription.

She received miraculous results and even after a single session, most of her symptoms related to coughing seemed to subside so much so that she did not even suffer from an attack in the initial three weeks of undergoing therapy. She no longer experienced any discomfort in the chest area too. With her health rapidly improving, the girl was even able to resume physical activity and take part in strenuous exercises. A complete change in her breathing pattern could be observed. After her pediatrician refused to acknowledge the benefits of chiropractic therapy and tried to attribute her progress to the medications he prescribed, her parents decided to discontinue with the conventional treatment they had been taking for so many years without considerable results.

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