Relief for Rotator Cuff Impingement With Chiropractic Care

by Administrator 19. July 2010 16:33

According to the Manipulative Physiological Therapy Journal, a case study indicates the possible use of chiropractic care for treating rotator cuff impingement. The report involves a patient with shoulder impingement syndrome that was managed with a conservative multimodal approach.

In this case, the patient suffered from anterior shoulder pain and an ache in the right upper arm. On palpation, he also experienced tenderness in the shoulder area. Along with limited motion in the shoulder region, he had limited and painful cervical motion problem. Physical and orthopedic examination revealed that the patient has shoulder impingement syndrome.

When referred to a chiropractor, the patient was given multimodal treatment. This included phonophoresis, soft tissue therapy, diverse manipulations and exercises for the rotator cuff and shoulder girdle muscles. After several chiropractic sessions and pain measurements, the patient experienced better motion in the shoulder and returned to normal daily activities.

The treatment ended when the patient became free of all symptoms and all outcomes were normal. Follow-up sessions were conducted after 4 and 12 weeks, during which the patient continued to be completely free of all symptoms of rotator cuff impingement. His range of motion was renewed and he was able to conduct pre-treatment activities.

On the whole, this case study highlights the success of chiropractic therapy in resolving the symptoms of a patient with shoulder impingement syndrome. With a multimodal treatment approach involving soft tissue techniques, ultrasound, manipulation and rehabilitation, an appropriate care strategy was developed and implemented.

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