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The neck, or cervical spine, is made up of several vertebrae that support the head and allow it to move. The muscles in the neck may get strained due to poor posture, injury, overuse or normal wear and tear, leading to pain. In most cases, neck pain is not serious and subsides on its own after a few days. However, it is important to seek medical care to identify any injury or illness that may be causing the pain. 

Given below are some tips to prevent neck pain: 

  • Maintain a good posture: The most common cause of neck pain is poor posture. Sitting or standing with the neck improperly aligned may put stress on the muscles and ligaments. Make sure you sit with the back straight, shoulders relaxed and feet firmly planted on the floor. Relax your neck by getting up, stretching the neck and changing position at frequent intervals.
  • Adjust Computer Screen: If you work on the computer for long hours, adjust the position of the monitor to avoid straining your neck. The screen should be exactly at your eye level so that you do not have to bend or raise your neck while working. 
  • Sleep properly: While sleeping, your head and neck should be in a proper alignment with the rest of the body. Try to sleep on your back to provide support to the spine. While sleeping on the side, place a small pillow under the neck to prevent it from tilting excessively. You can also use a cervical pillow to support the neck and relieve stress. 
  • Exercise: Perform light stretching and strengthening exercises to maintain the flexibility of the neck muscles. The chin tuck is the simplest form of exercise that helps to align the head properly over the shoulders. 
  • Lift weight evenly: Do not lift heavy weights on either side of your body as this may make the shoulders uneven and strain the muscles of your neck. Carrying a heavy bag or suitcase can put excessive pressure on one side of the neck. To avoid this, consider using a backpack to distribute weight evenly across both the shoulders. 
  • Lifestyle modification: Implementing certain changes in your routine tasks can also help to prevent neck pain. Avoid holding the phone between the ear and shoulder, watching television while lying down to lower the amount of strain on the neck.

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