Lupus Treatment By Chiropractor Killeen TX

by Administrator 19. August 2013 08:44

More than a million people in the US are diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder, Lupus (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) every year. The condition arises when the body’s immune mechanism becomes hyperactive and begins attacking its own healthy tissue. This tissue could be anywhere in the body, including the nervous system, skin, joints, heart, lungs, kidney, etc. Joint pain, swelling, and arthritis are the most common symptoms of Lupus. The treatment of the disease is mainly symptomatic, with drugs like NSAIDs, immune suppressants, and corticosteroids being administered to alleviate the symptoms, while the disease remains an essentially life-long condition.

The long-term use of the drugs administered to control Lupus symptoms is accompanied with several side-effects such as stomach problems, increased bleeding, liver damage, increased risk of infection, decreased fertility, weight gain, increased risk of cancer, kidney problems, increased risk of heart disease, etc. This explains why most patients are now seeking chiropractic care as an alternative treatment for Lupus.

Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness, serving Killeen and surrounding areas, compromises leading chiropractic professionals specializing in treatment. This treatment combines spinal manipulation with muscle relaxation therapy and vitamin therapy to decrease symptoms of the disease without any known side effects.

This chiropractic treatment follows a balanced approach towards treating the mind and the body, which is critical for patients with Lupus. The chiropractors will work with you to understand the cycles of your flare-ups, and identify triggering factors. You treatment plan might also include dietary modifications and stress-reducing techniques. The spinal manipulation included in the chiropractic treatment for Lupus is especially useful in reducing the symptoms associated with Lupus affecting the nervous system. However, since all organs of the body are linked to the spine, these manipulations have been found to be therapeutic in all forms of the disease.

The major role of a chiropractor in the treatment of Lupus includes relieving joint pain, stiffness, and muscle spasm. Treating the spinal subluxations is also useful in reversing the organ dysfunction caused by the disease. By addressing the nutritional component of the disease, the chiropractor can achieve a high extent of immune system support, which is a critical aspect of the disease. For instance, food items rich in essential fatty acids reduce the body’s inflammatory response, while an antioxidant rich diet is helpful in deactivating free radicals. This balanced approach adopted in the chiropractic treatment for Lupus helps in normalizing the body’s immune response, and hence facilitating the healing process.

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