Lumbar Facet Pain: Causes, Symptoms & Chiropractic Treatment

by Administrator 24. January 2013 14:05

Lumbar facet joints act as a solid support for the spinal vertebrae. These joints are encapsulated in synovial fluid, further surrounded by a soft tissue called synovium. Another coating of cartilage also adds mobility to the joints. These help in smooth functioning of the joints.

The lumbar spine consists of five vertebrae L1-L5 and in a good working condition these work in tandem with the inter-vertebral discs to absorb shock and provide motion. However, these joints are subject to deterioration and damage because the lumbar spine has to bear most of the body weight. Also, the lumbar spine is a very flexible region; hence it can wear off with the passage of time.

The facet pain is basically classified into two types depending on the spinal area that has been damaged.  Severe pain is experienced in the neck, shoulders and upper or middle back if the cervical spine is affected. The person feeling such facet pain can also suffer from headaches as well.

On the other hand, a person suffering from lumbar facet pain can experience throbbing pain at the back of the thigh as well as lower back and hips.

The symptoms can be generalized as follows:

  • Stiffness in the back
  • Loss of flexibility
  • Back pain
  • Inability to maintain a straight posture
  • Sciatica

Although allopathic medicine can manage the lumbar facet pain effectively, but for a long-term relief you must opt for chiropractic treatment. In case you experience symptoms of lumbar facet pain, you must visit a chiropractor as soon as possible. A chiropractor will manipulate to provide relief from the muscle spasm. This manipulation is not applied to the dilapidated joint directly. Instead the chiropractor will decide on the best treatment for you that does not worsen your ache. You will also be explained various exercises that you have to perform. Severe painkillers only provide temporary relief and also cause many side-effects. But there is no such thing in chiropractic treatment.

Once the pain subsides, the chiropractor starts teaching core muscle exercises to the patient in order to improve the condition of the spinal cord and increase its stability. This will work towards providing permanent relief as the injury will not re-surface after this treatment. Suggestions related to posture are also given to lumbar facet pain patients. All this is part of the treatment when the pain is not extremely severe. On the other hand, severe pain requires a longer chiropractic treatment to manage the whole problem.

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