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There are several muscles that work together to keep the body in an upright posture. When these muscles become weak or stressed, it may lead to pain or other postural problems. If poor posture is endured for a long time, it may lead to chronic back conditions. Maintaining a correct posture is essential for keeping the bones and joints in proper alignment. It allows the muscles to function efficiently and prevent strains as well as overuse disorders.

Causes of poor posture

  • Muscle imbalance and weakness
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Excess weight
  • Poor core stability
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Non-ergonomic workstations
  • Joint-hypermobility

How chiropractic treatment can help?

Chiropractic treatment aims at restoring balanced muscles of the body thereby, correcting posture. The chiropractor may look for the following symptoms before suggesting corrective measures:

  • Misalignment in the spinal vertebrae
  • Height variance across shoulders
  • Alignment in knees
  • Changes in normal gait  

Given below are some techniques used by chiropractors for correcting poor posture:

  • Manual adjustments: These help in restoring proper alignment of the vertebrae and reduce inflammation as well as pain. The chiropractor may gently stimulate the patient’s back to move the vertebrae back into their original position and eliminate stress from the muscles.
  • Posture correcting exercises: Specific exercises such as leg extensions, stomach crunches, back extensions, plank, etc. may be recommended by a chiropractor to strengthen the back, abs and leg muscles. These can help in providing support to the spine and rest of the body.
  • Shoulder Retraction Exercise: The chiropractor may recommend this exercise to provide relaxation to the neck muscles. It helps in properly aligning the head and neck with the spinal column. The thoracic spine can also move into extension by performing this exercise.
  • Repeated Chin Tuck Exercise: It helps to improve posture by stretching the neck muscles. It aims at strengthening the muscles in the upper cervical spine.
  • Reverse Shoulder Shrugs: This exercise is performed to avoid neck and shoulder stiffness. It involves lifting the shoulders towards the ears and rolling them backwards. Posture problems such as anterior head carriage or and craning can be treated by doing this exercise.
  • Maintaining Weight: Excess weight can put pressure on the spine thereby, affecting the vertebrae. The chiropractor may recommend you to eat a healthy diet and perform some physical exercises to reduce weight.

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