How Can Chiropractic Care Help With Weight Loss?

by Administrator 11. February 2013 13:02

Being overweight can lead to a host of other medical problems like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and so on. A person who is obese usually lacks self-confidence and does not have a strong personality. Weight gain can be caused by a number of reasons including physical stress, binge eating and mental problems. Sometimes an increase in body weight can also happen due to internal reasons such as decreased functioning of thyroid glands, hypothalamus and adrenal glands. Eating a lot of junk food and gulping copious amounts of food due to depression also contribute towards obesity.

It is not easy to reduce weight by skipping meals as that only increases hunger. This is exactly where chiropractors come into picture. Proper nutritional counseling and guidance is provided to people who want to get back into shape and look fit and fabulous. The chiropractors also work on modification or changes in behavior and physical activity to make the patients get rid of excessive weight gain.

The first step is to evaluate the current lifestyle and dietary habits so that the chiropractors can suggest the desired changes that need to be made. They also give proper moral support as well as encouragement to individuals, who are keen on losing weight. Apart from nutritional guidance, chiropractic treatment for weight loss also includes spinal manipulation and massage. These can prove to be very effective in aiding weight loss in human beings. When spinal manipulation is done by a chiropractor, it reduces the stress on the spinal cord. Spinal alignments help in the better assimilation of requisite nutrients in the body. It also aids in proper dissemination of oxygen throughout the body. An individual can slowly but gradually lose weight with regular chiropractic care and weight loss exercises as advised by the practitioner.

Massage is an intrinsic part of chiropractic treatment for weight loss. It helps strengthen the muscles and also increases the fitness levels. Having firm and well-toned muscles can remove the extra fat that is deposited in tissues of the body. This in turn helps to manage and reduce weight gain. Apart from chiropractic care, you must make sure that you steer clear of alcohol, smoking, caffeinated drinks and drugs etc. Chiropractors will also advise on the importance of sound sleep apart from telling you to consume more fluid in the form of water and natural fruit juices. Instead of grabbing food that is rich in calories, you must substitute it with nutritious foods to get the full advantage of chiropractic treatment.

Lifestyle changes coupled with effective chiropractic care can go a long way in reducing the excess body weight and changing your whole personality.

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