Hollywood Stunt Performers Praise Chiropractic Therapy

by Administrator 5. October 2010 05:54

We all like to watch our favorite on-screen Hollywood actors performing various kinds of stunt. However, if we try to perform these stunts, we can hardly do them or we may end up with injuries. The same happens with the Hollywood actors. Most of the stunts that we see in the Hollywood movies are done by the stunt performers. They do a risky job and sometimes they may also end up with injuries that could be serious also. To avoid this kind of situation and to perform at their best, most of the Hollywood stunt performers are now depending on chiropractic treatment.

An article published in one of the issues of USA Today Health, cited reference of World Stunt Awards where many of the Hollywood’s top most stuntmen praised chiropractic therapy. They gave credit to Chiropractic therapy for being a unique method that allows them to stay fit to perform better in the stunts. Jill Brown, one of the famous stuntmen greatly thanked his chiropractor. The king of Stuntmen, Hal Needham, who had 56 broken bones in a career of 310 films and 4,500 TV episodes, thanked his Chiropractor and said that almost everyone he knows visits Chiropractor for therapy. Actor Burt Reynolds was also all praise for his Chiropractor. The same opinion was endorsed by Jeannie Epper-Kimack, who at the age of 60 still performs stunt. He was recently seen in movies like Spiderman and Rush Hour 2.

Chiropractors are also of the same view. Dr. Bruce Hall who practices in North Hollywood said that he treats stuntmen and stuntwomen every day. The Chiropractic treatment is surely the best way to keep stuntmen in excellent shape during their span of career. With so many benefits, Chiropractic treatment can be termed as most preferred and recommended options to stay fit and agile.

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