Chiropractic's Role In Sports

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With increasing popularity of Chiropractic Care and recognition of its benefits, more and more sports teams and athletes are adopting chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is beneficial not only for injuries but for increased performance as well.

A study published in March/ April 2002 issue of Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, (JMPT) studied the usage of chiropractic care by NFL teams. The study included a survey with head trainers of 36 NFL teams, who had a minimum of 17 years of experience and were associated with their team for a period of last one year minimum. The survey showed that:

  • 45% of trainers have been treated by chiropractor themselves.
  • 31% teams had chiropractor as a part of staff.
  • 77% of trainers have referred athletes to chiropractors for treatment or evaluation.
  • 100% trainers agreed that some players use chiropractic care even though they have not been referred to one.

As a part of the survey, various other questions were asked from trainers. They were;

  • Should players be referred to chiropractors for spinal subluxations:

5% - strongly agree
48% - agree
24% - disagree
19% - have no opinion.

  • Is there a role for chiropractic doctor in NFL?

81%  - agree
5% - strongly agree
14% - have no opinion,

0% - disagree.

  • Is the role of the team physician and sport chiropractor same ?

100% - agreed

It is not just that chiropractic treatment is popular among NFL teams. Chiropractic treatment is administered in almost all professional sports. Chiropractic care not only increases performance of sport persons, but also prevents injury.

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