Chiropractic Treatment For Hip Pain

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The problem of hip pain is generally caused by an incomplete dislocation of the spine. The nerves get irritated and cause pain in the hip. This paining sensation can be a mild discomfort or an extreme pain that can limit your daily activities. Since the legs and hips support the entire body weight and also provide it strength, flexibility and mobility, it therefore is necessary to take specific treatment and cure hip pain.


  • Arthritis: Patients suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis experience chronic hip pain.
  • Tendonitis: The muscles on the hip are connected to the joint with the help of several tendons located around the hip. The overuse of these tendons may result into inflammations that cause pain in the hip region. This is called tendonitis.
  • Fractures: Hip pain can also be caused due to common causes like hip fractures or a little wear and tear of the hip bone. Elderly people often experience a hip fracture in case they fall. Patients of osteoporosis can also suffer with hip fractures. Hip pain can also be caused by stress fractures at hip joint.
  • Strains: A sudden twist or pull cause micro tears in the muscles that in turn result into muscle strains. A person is subjected to pain in the region around the hip when the muscles situated at the sides of the hip joint undergo any strain.
  • Bursitis:  Bursa is a sac that contains fluid and it is used to cushion the areas of pressure between the tendons, joints and muscles in the human body. The overuse or repetitive actions around the joints cause inflammation in the bursa and this condition is referred to as bursitis. Bursitis in the hip joint also causes severe hip pain.


The various causes of hip pain may result discomfort in your thighs, inner and outer hip joint area, groin and buttocks. A person can also experience a pain in hips that radiate from other parts of the body. Hip pain can also cause a loss in muscle strength and mobility due to which a person can’t easily run or even walk resulting to a characteristic limp.

Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractors can greatly help in treating and preventing any disorder related to the neuro-musculoskeletal system of a human’s body. In case of hip pain, chiropractic treatment aims to reduce the painful muscle spasm, improve joint movements, and strengthen weak muscles. The chiropractor also recommends maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating good food and exercising the muscles. Various stretching and massage techniques are also incorporated in this kind of treatment that makes the muscles tender and tight. This treatment also includes mobilization techniques and manipulation of the effected joints.

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