Chiropractic Treatment For Baker’s Cyst

by Administrator 5. June 2013 10:35

Baker’s Cyst is a condition affecting the knee, in which synovial fluid accumulates behind the knee, leading to a large swelling. Even though the condition is essentially harmless, it causes discomfort to the patient, and can impede everyday activities involving the knee joint. In some cases, Baker’s cyst can continue to enlarge, resulting in pain and possible rupturing. Some of the major causes of Baker’s cyst are injury, infection, tearing of the cartilage, and other diseases like arthritis.

In the beginning, Baker’s cyst does not present any major symptoms except a slight discomfort at the back of the knee. This is usually accompanied with a sensation of pressure on the backside of the knee, decreased mobility, and constant pain. A lump can also be observed upon standing, and patients experience a tightening sensation when the leg is straightened. Rupturing in the Baker’s cyst can lead to more severe symptoms such as intense pain in the knee, and redness in the calf. Since the symptoms of Baker’s cyst mimic the symptoms of more serious conditions like a blood clot and aneurysm, these diseases must be ruled out before a patient can be diagnosed with the condition.

Chiropractic treatment is very effective in treating the condition and providing relief to patients with Baker’s cyst. The first step in this treatment regime is ascertaining the underlying cause of the disease. Once this is determined, the treatment is centered around it. The treatment is holistic, including rest, compression, range of motion exercises, and gradual rehabilitation, along with the actual chiropractic modifications.

The chiropractor identifies any vertebral subluxations in the spine, and by correcting these, regulates the supply of the nervous system to the knee joint. This in turn stops the excessive secretion of synovial fluid in the knee, which is caused as an abnormal response of the nervous system to injury or disease.

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