Chiropractic Therapy For Professional Golfers

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A recent edition of PRNewswire reported a case of regular use of chiropractic therapy by professional golfers. Some of the world’s best golfers have been provided chiropractic treatment by Dr. Tom La Fountain, a chiropractor who travels with the PGA Tour. According to him, chiropractic care is used to treat almost 85 percent of the PGA Tour and Senior Tour injuries. Moreover, majority of the golfers receive regular chiropractic therapy to stay in top condition.

The Salt Lake Tribune had also reported similar facts. A senior professional golfer, Doug Tewell suffered from spinal problems and could not enter the Senior PGA Tour. He had injured his back in Oklahoma while playing golf with his son. After the injury, he took bed rest for three days and needed a walker for support till two weeks. Eventually, Bob Tway, a fellow pro golfer recommended him to visit a chiropractor. The Tribune reports that Tewell experienced great improvements and described chiropractic therapy as “the most incredible thing, just a few little jerks.”

Men as well as women golfers can benefit from chiropractic therapy. The importance of chiropractic care is emphasized and lectured by Dr. David E. Stude, a chiropractor and associate professor at Northwestern Health Science University along with Lisa Masters, LPGA golf pro. Both of them travel across the country to spread awareness about the importance and use of this treatment.

According to Dr. Stude, there is independent movement of each vertebra in the spine when the whole body undertakes certain activity. In the absence of such movements or movement of two or more segments together instead of moving independently, vertebral mechanical dysfunction may occur. Chiropractic therapy helps in correcting such problems.

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