Chiropractic Therapy Aids In Vision Recovery

by Administrator 26. July 2010 13:24

A recent case study was published in the Manipulative Physiological Therapy Journal regarding the role of chiropractic therapy in vision recovery. The objective of the case study is to know whether chiropractic spinal manipulation can correct loss of vision suffered by a patient after falling and getting a facial fracture.

The 53-year old woman fell down a stairwell, following which, she had fractured her right Zygomatic arch. Also suffering from migraines, she received surgical treatment. After 3 weeks of the accidents, she experienced reduced vision in her contralateral eye. Moreover, electrophysiologic studies revealed that both optic nerves had become weak, the right more than the left.

During chiropractic care, spinal manipulation was used to help in recovery of vision to normal. This treatment was spread over a course of 20 sessions, with significant improvements occurring immediately after spinal manipulation. Serial visual field tests were also conducted to monitor the progressive recovery of her vision.

The primary aim of the chiropractic therapy was to remove the dysfunction in the central nervous system rather than correcting a spinal derangement. The critical feature of this case was the presence of suboccipital tenderness in the cervical spine. Most probably, the patient’s entire cerebral vascular system was stressed by a vasospastic influence. 

Initially, the patient did not receive any indication about the chances of improvement in her vision from other medical practitioners. Her orthodox ophthalmologists and scientists did not express confidence in return to normal vision. In contrast, chiropractors related her illness with her migraine condition. She was also recommended to undergo spinal manipulation for complete recovery of vision. Within a few sessions, the patient had started reporting successful vision recovery without surgical treatment.

To conclude, this case supports chiropractic and manipulative therapy as an alternative treatment for optic nerve malfunctioning.

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