Chiropractic Inclusion in Managed Care Plans Saves Money

by Administrator 23. May 2011 13:04

The American Specialty Health Benchmarks, Inc organized a case study that was carried out by its researchers. This study showcased that healthcare plans comprising of chiropractic therapy help reduce costs in the long run. The Research Agenda Conference that took place in March 2003 incorporated the effects of this study. It was found that chiropractic care could be used in major health plans instead of conventional medical practices for a variety of ailments.

The Untied States government has for long been trying to find several ways in which health care costs can be reduced. They have often recommended doing away with chiropractic therapy in order to bring down these costs. However after attempting to do so, it was found that the expenses increased considerably for people applying such medical plans.

A sample consisting of around 17000000 people who had signed up for a California based healthcare plan was studied and it was found that out of these one million people who had plans incorporating chiropractic care showed twelve percent reduced expenses. On the other hand, the remaining seven hundred thousand lead to more costs for the government. The statistics showed that for ailments such as back pain, skeletal and muscular abnormalities, the expenses were much lower among the group that obtained chiropractic treatment.

It could be concluded that those who only took on traditional medical care instead of chiropractic therapy resulted in huge healthcare costs. It was far costlier to avail medical plans that completely eliminated chiropractic based treatments. This is because for those who were subjected to chiropractic therapy, further complex medical procedures were not needed. However, those who did not take such therapy required expensive further treatments and hospitalization for prolonged periods.

It was noticed that there could be only negative consequences if chiropractic care was excluded from regular health care plans as they lead to a decrease in costs in a significant way. In general, the government had to spend fewer resources in the treatment of those who availed plans covering chiropractic care apart from the regular medical care. It was thus established that there were numerous advantages of formulating healthcare plans consisting of chiropractic treatment.

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