Chiropractic Care for Sacroiliac Joint Pain

by Administrator 25. February 2013 10:09

Sacroiliac joint pain or sacroiliac joint syndrome is one of the most leading causes of back pain. This pain is different from sacroiliitis, although the symptom of inflammation of the sacroiliac joint is present in both the conditions.

The positioning of the sacroiliac joints is on the either sides of the spine just beneath the waist. These joints are located between the two pelvic bones and have a dimpled appearance when physically examined on the back. A number of complex ligaments are present that give the joint its strength. These joints can withstand a lot of stress and pressure. However, certain conditions can lead to an injury in sacroiliac joints and also damage the ligaments surrounding them.

Chiropractic procedure is very helpful in treating patients suffering from sacroiliac joint pain. This pain is generally caused by accidental slipping or falling. Also, lower back pain from sacroiliac joint can arise during the process of childbirth. Weakness in the muscles surrounding these joints can also lead to pain. Sometimes, muscular imbalance or excessive bending and lifting can also result in sacroiliac joint pain. An increased pressure on the hip, knee and feet can also affect this joint and cause discomfort.

Mechanical adjustments done during the chiropractic treatment can go a long way in treating this pain. Chiropractors use only those manipulations that can be easily borne by a person suffering from sacroiliac joint pain. In this procedure the following steps are performed:

  1. The patient is made to lie down on one side and the knee on the opposite side is loosened up and raised near his chest.
  2. The position of the bottom shoulder is in the forward direction and this stretches the lower back as well as pelvic region.
  3. The chiropractor places his hand over the sacroiliac joint and applies pressure. Meanwhile, the upper shoulder of the patient is gripped in the backward position and the knee towards the floor.
  4. Once the limp from the lumbar spine goes away, the chiropractor applies manipulation with a higher force with the intention of releasing oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide from the joint.
  5. The cracking sound thus produced provides a lot of relief to the patient.

The chiropractic treatment is very helpful in reducing this joint pain without the use of any medicines. The treatment is completely safe and does not cause any side-effects. The patient feels immediate relief and regular treatment can lead to highly positive results over a period of time.

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