Chiropractic Care For Multiple Sclerosis

by Administrator 11. March 2013 09:18

Multiple sclerosis (MS)is an incapacitating neurological disease that affects so many people worldwide. A lot of research has been going on in the recent years to focus on chiropractic care for curing the symptoms of this debilitating disease. By opting for this course of treatment, many people can be saved from the use of medicines that are being currently used to cure MS. The progression of the disease can be stalled to a great extent and the patients can benefit a lot.

Before dwelling on the chiropractic care for MS, it will be beneficial to know the exact nature of the disease and how it affects a person. Multiple sclerosis basically attacks the immune system of the body and feeds on the myelin around the nerves of the brain and spinal cord. Myelin actually helps in the proper functioning of the central nervous system and also acts as a protective covering for the same. When myelin gets destroyed, the symptoms of MS start to surface in a person.

Following are some of the most common symptoms of multiple sclerosis:

  • A  feeling of numbness or weakness in one or several limbs
  • Blurry or double vision
  • Lightheadedness
  • Tiredness
  • Partial or complete loss of vision
  • Continuous pain or tingling sensation in various parts of the body
  • Difficulty in overall co-ordination of the body
  • Trouble in walking
  • Shock-like sensation while making certain head movements.

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis keep on coming and going. The symptoms recede only to return back in a worse form. This cycle makes a person completely helpless and he is always laid up.

As far as the treatment is concerned, a number of patients have benefitted from chiropractic care for MS. The practitioners of this therapy work on correcting the cervical misalignments and subluxations to provide relief to the patient suffering from multiple sclerosis.

After the misalignments come back to their original position, the scans are done to check the progress. If further misalignments are detected by the chiropractor, he makes a treatment schedule according to which the patient has to visit him. The treatment is spaced over a few months depending on the severity of symptoms. With subsequent visits, the doctor makes a lesser number of adjustments, because the condition starts to improve and symptoms begin to recede.

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