Chiropractic Care For Diabetes Mellitus Patients

by Administrator 13. September 2010 17:39

Chiropractic treatment is different from regular line of treatment. It helps in alleviating pain and various other bodily disorders. Chiropractic treatment was found to be helpful in treating blood sugar level in diabetes patients. In a case study that was published by Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research on December 7, 2006 in which a 48 year old man. The patient had undergone urine and blood tests which confirmed diabetes mellitus. 

The patient was given chiropractic care to see if his condition can be improved in a non-medical way and prevent the requirement of injectable insulin. The author of this study has seen that many previous studies have shown various degrees of improvement for people suffering from diabetes mellitus. These therapies included exercise, vitamin therapy and acupuncture.

In this particular case, the patient was given chiropractic care for the improvement of subluxations. Also, he made some nutritional changes like increase of protein in diet and other particular nutritional supplementation. He was also advised some physical exercise. Improvement was seen in the patient’s subluxtions correction within a month of start of Chiropractic therapy. It was also seen that the patient’s urine sugar levels and blood sugar levels got improved. His condition was monitored from time to time and it was evaluated that he doesn’t needed insulin at that time. With passage of time his condition continued to balance itself.

The author of the study then clarified that chiropractic treatment is not a procedure to cure diabetes or  other similar conditions. It is a therapy and it has made a great contribution in medical field and health of people having diabetes. He concluded that this therapy can provide 5% of assistance for people suffering from diabetes mellitus and it can significantly improve the living style of those people who are influenced positively by this treatment. The therapy is designed to improve the overall health of the patient and make him recover from his disease with time.

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