Chiropractic Adjustment For Newborns

by Administrator 19. November 2012 06:35

An infant needs chiropractic care in order to grow as a healthy adult. This statement is quite true but it may be confusing for people who often associate chiropractic care as a profession that deals with only back pain. However, chiropractors actually manage the subluxations caused due to pressure or irritation on the nervous system by the spinal bones. Among new born babies, the birth process is one of the most common causes of a subluxation and therefore newborns need chiropractic treatment.

 While managing the birth process, various damages are often seen occurring to the nervous system of newborns that ranges from mild subluxations in the upper neck to more serious subluxations causing spinal cord damage, neural hemorrhage and central nervous system problems. These problems may not show their consequences immediately after birth, but may cause serious problems during adulthood.

The various immediate problems arising due to subluxations during birth process are spinal cord and brain stem injuries, brain bleeding and swelling, neurological deficits, breathing problems and even sudden death of the newborn. The results of the problem caused to the nervous system during birth that are often seen in grown-ups are disabilities to memorize, frequent headaches, visual and hearing problems, different sort of palsies and various immune functional problems.

The nervous system is said to be the master system of the body. In a developing infant, the immature nervous system causes other problems in the body. Since a healthy nervous system is required in babies for proper growth and development of other systems and also in maintaining the overall health of the body, it is therefore essential to take its good care right from the time of birth.

Chiropractic is considered to be the safest forms of health care as the treatment is not painful and involves no medication. Chiropractic care in babies includes the correction of subluxations in the spine caused mainly during the birth process. The pediatric adjustments mostly include the cranial-sacral technique and the activator technique, both of which make use of very soft force. In order to make spinal adjustments, a slight pressure is applied on a baby’s spine by the chiropractors because it is very supple.

From years, chiropractors have been emphasizing on the importance of getting the infants checked for any spinal subluxations. The techniques used for correcting the subluxations are painless and easy. A baby who might appear to be healthy may suffer with spinal misalignments at the time of their birth. Every child deserves to live a healthy and happy life and therefore, the chiropractic adjustment for newborns is crucial.

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