Benefits Of Maintenance Chiropractics - A Case Study

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A study featured in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics in October 2004 studied the effects of maintenance chiropractic therapy on those who had also received the treatment earlier. The results established that such type of follow up chiropractic care resulted in further help to patients and lead to a significant decrease in problems and physical disabilities.

Thirty patients having considerable back related problems took part in this study and were initially divided into two parts. One part was given thorough chiropractic treatments that summed up to as much as twelve sessions in a single month. After this period, the same group was also given one session in three weeks for a period of around nine months. On the other hand, the patients who formed a part of the second group did not receive any exhaustive chiropractic treatment during the first month of the study. They however received intensive treatment in the second month.They were not provided any kind of follow up maintenance treatment. After this experiment, both the groups of patients were assessed to find out the results experienced by them.

It was found out that after receiving thirty days of exhaustive chiropractic treatments, patients of both groups showcased a considerable decrease in the degree of pain suffered by them. But, after this period had passed, only the patients who received follow up care experienced further reduction in their pain levels.

In this study, a form consisting of several questions was distributed among patients and the answers provided by them were considered to assess their pain levels. There were ten elements provided related to different areas of functional abilities of patients. Only the first group showed an improvement as per the results of this questionnaire while the second group did not. The questionnaire that was used is a standard questionnaire used in such studies and is referred to as the Oswestry Disability Index.

The organizers conducting the study completed the study by stating that exhaustive chiropractic care showed results for treating lower back pain in patients suffering from it. It also concluded that maintenance care after the intensive treatment was also quite advantageous to patients and lead to further recovery.

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