Chiropractic Care Helps Patient With Multiple Sclerosis

by Administrator 30. August 2010 21:07

According to a recent study published in Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research (JVSR), a patient suffering from Multiple Sclerosis was helped and relieved with Chiropractic care. According to the study, the patient, a woman of 47 years of age, experienced the symptoms (like cognitive problems and loss of bladder control) of Multiple Sclerosis at 44 years of age. She first visited Neurologist, who after seeing multiple lesions on MRI results (MS Plaques) diagnosed her with Multiple Sclerosis.

Two years later her condition got even worse with weakness in legs and parenthesis in her arms and legs. As her condition continued to get worse, her Neurologist recommended drug therapy. Her condition was diagnosed to be of “Chronic Progressive Multiple Sclerosis”. At this junction, the patient decided to take Chiropractic treatment for the same.

The patient’s history included a fall around 10 years prior to the onset of symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Through medical examinations and x-rays, Chiroprator found that she had subluxations in upper cervical (upper neck).  Following that her chiropractic therapy for upper cervical subluxations was begun. Regular chiropractic therapy was continued for two years. During the course of therapy, patient’s condition was constantly monitored through x-rays, thermo graphic scans, neurologist’s evaluations, MRI and patients description of symptoms.

Regular MRI studies and Neurologist check-ups showed that after just four months of chiropractic care, all Multiple Sclerosis symptoms were absent. MRI results showed reduction in intensity of original lesions while no new lesions were formed. Regular checkups after year suggested further decrease in original lesions and two years after upper cervical chiropractic care began, all Multiple Sclerosis symptoms were absent. 

The study shows how Chiropractic care can help a patient with Multiple Sclerosis. For more information and expert chiropractic treatment, visit us at Corrective Chiropractic and Wellness.

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