Webster Technique Manages Intrauterine Constraint

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A study posted in the July/August 2002 issue of the journal of Manipulative and Psychological Therapeutics proved that a chiropractic procedure is known as the “Webster Technique” helps to manage the musculoskeletal causes of Intrauterine Constraint. The study also showed that chiropractic procedure is very effective for the pregnant women with breech presentation. Breech presentation is one of the causes that can lead to a cesarean birth.

Intrauterine Constraint is like an external force which obstructs the normal movement of fetus and does not allow the developing fetus to head down at the time of normal delivery. This condition results in “breech presentation” i.e a baby born with buttock or feet appearing first. According to the recent study in US, 86% of the infant baby are delivered by cesarean section.

JMPT article proved that the Webster Technique can effectively ease the musculoskeletal cause of intrauterine constraint. It is also called “Webster’s In-Utero Constraint “technique or Webster’s breech turning technique. The technique was developed by Dr Larry, who is popularly known as “The grandfather of Chiropractic Pediatrics”. The success of technique is as such that it is taught in many graduate and postgraduate colleges. 

A large group of doctors were associated with this study and they wanted to see the actual result in patients. 85% of the doctors were satisfied with the results and they were really happy with the Webster’s technique. It is highly beneficial to perform in 8th month and it totally depends on the position of the baby. According to the study it is said that “when successful, the Webster Technique limits the risks and costs of vaginal trial or cesarean section of breech.

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