Treating Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome With Chiropractic Therapy

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As published in the Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapy, a case study pointed towards the benefits of chiropractic care for treatment of Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome (UTS). UTS is not very common and can be easily mistaken for carpal tunnel syndrome by medical professional who are not sure about the exact differences.

In spite of the great interest of chiropractors in nerve compression syndromes, little has been published about the growing popularity of chiropractic extremity care for relieving the symptoms of Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome.

The case study involves a patient with Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome who witnessed resolution of symptoms with the help of chiropractic adjustments. The 45 year old female had experienced numbness in her little finger. The symptom was revealed in standard orthopedic testing procedures for the wrist and hand but the cervical spine and thoracic outlet region tests were negative.

When she was referred to the chiropractor, the patient’s care consisted of chiropractic extremity adjustments. These were directed to the wrist area, especially the hamate and pisiform articulations with the triquetrum. Within four sessions of chiropractic therapy, all the symptoms of Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome were resolved. Further examinations indicated considerable improvement in her condition.

It is evident from this case report that a patient can expect to recover from Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome during typical chiropractic treatment. While simple and cost-effective examination and therapy are sufficient in most cases, these may not suffice for more complicated or chronic cases. In such circumstances, chiropractors will have to adopt sophisticated techniques to treat the patients.

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