Multiple Ailments In Nine Years Kid Cured By Chiropractic Treatment - A Case Report

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In the July 12, 2003 issue of the peer reviewed, "Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, there is a case study of a seriously ill nine year old boy. As per the case study, the child was going through a multiple problems like asthma and upper respiratory infections since he was an  infant; headaches since he was just six years of age; Tourette Syndrome, depression, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),  and insomnia since he was seven 7; and neck pain since he was 8. It was mentioned in this child's history that he was born with the help of forceps delivery.  His mother talked about her son as being “all the time sick since the time he was born.”

There has been a lot of discussion regarding forceps delivery resulting in a multiplicity of health issues in children.  In the December 2nd, 1999 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, there was a report that demonstrated that the forceps delivery death rate was almost double that for vaginal delivery. This actually proved that forceps delivery is not a simple and risk free task. This report in conjunction with the trauma that the young boy experienced provided some probable explanation for the conclusion of subluxations in this child.  During the initial examination of the child, there was proof of a subluxation stemming from the upper cervical spine. Chiropractic care was then meted out to rectify and alleviate the patient’s upper neck subluxations.

After providing chiropractic care to the child for six weeks, all six conditions just vanished and remained non-existent five months later at the finish of chiropractic care. Follow up, seven months later showed that there were no asthma attacks, behavioral trouble, neck pain, insomnia, headaches, or tics suffered by the child. He had not got any infections, nor had he been administered any medications besides his half-dose of Wellbutrin. His mother confirmed that her son’s only “problem” was becoming used to being a “normal” child who was now expected to finish all daily chores, go walking to school by himself, or finish school work during fixed time.
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