Chiropractic Therapy Helps Sports Injury Patient

by Administrator 20. December 2010 07:42

In the year 2004, the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics published the story of a boy seventeen years of age; who was involved in a severe sports related injury. He was said to have damaged his neck by falling head first from a significant height while pole vaulting as a part of a high school track meet.

Right after the accident, the boy started to experience bouts of extreme pain in the neck and in the lower part of his head. Apart from these, he also suffered from frequent migraine attacks and back-ache that left him feeling quite weak due to their severity. After a few days, another symptom showcased itself and he began to lose consciousness as much as four times in a single day.

This state continued for around half a year after which he began to show signs of being depressed. He had feelings of despair and a complete absence of any care of himself along with disturbed sleep. He did not eat much and became quite complacent. He would sometimes sleep for more than fourteen hours and on other days, he was not able to sleep at all.

More than twenty medical practitioners were visited and a variety of different medications were tested on him none of which seemed to show any significant results as the consequence of which the boy began to experiment with prohibited drugs. He soon found himself in the middle of a dangerous addiction and was enlisted in a rehab program out of which he came out clean. After this, a chiropractor was consulted for his problems who detected subluxations in the upper part of his neck. The chiropractor sought to lower the nerve pressure and began to make corrections in his neck in the therapy sessions.

As soon as thirty days from the start of chiropractic therapy, there was a notable lack of a number of symptoms like fainting spells, disturbed sleep that were observed in the boy. The frequency of headaches came down considerably. He gradually began to recover and gain back his health. After around seven months, there were absolutely no visible signs of his ailment and he was deemed to be cured enough to function normally.

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