Chiropractic Helps Child With Seizures - A Case Study

by Administrator 6. December 2010 15:22

In a recent issue, The Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics featured the story of a young child who was facing a rather disrupted life due to frequent seizures and showed significant improvement after receiving chiropractic therapy.

The patient was a child who was five months of age and was said to have frequent bouts of crying along with negligible sleep and around eight seizures on an average day. The child had in the preceding months also had a surgical procedure to seal the sutures that were present on the left part of his head. The child also had an abnormal slant of his head toward the left side and was unable to position his neck or head towards the right.

When the child began to receive chiropractic care, the first session for assessment was quite problematic as he was immensely pained and cried the whole time. It was found out that there were troubles in mainly three regions i.e. the middle part of the back, the lower part of the spine and the neck.

The child received appropriate chiropractic therapy suitable to his particular condition for few weeks. As early as the first session, there were dramatic improvements noticed and a complete stop to the seizures was observed. There was only one minor relapse into seizures after a few weeks but it did not re-occur and his health kept on showing drastic progress.

Into the sixth week, the child regained health and did not develop even a single seizure. He was able to have a long, undisturbed sleep during the night and was also consuming enough nutrition as per his age. He now began to develop into a healthy, young boy just like other normal child. The author who presented this case on paper, Nancy Brown, brought to light a notable fact that conventional systems of medication end up at suppressing both the normal as well as abnormal electrical impulses that arise with the onset of a seizure. However, chiropractic therapy seems to have found ways to only keep the abnormal impulses at bay while letting the normal electrical impulses function uninterrupted.

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