Conservative Chiropractic Care Of Neck Pain And Neck Injury

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Neck pain can occur due to many reasons. Various day to day activities can cause severe neck pain. The neck pain can be very troublesome and can affect a patient’s efficiency to do tasks in normal daily routine.

Some of the most usual causes of neck pain are:

  • Daily Life Routine: Poor posture, obesity, stress or tension can cause neck pain which can get extended to back and arms. These are some of the most common causes for neck pain.
  • Injury and Accidents: Sudden and vigorous movement of neck or head due to injury/ accident is another major cause of neck pain. Car accidents, injury due to falling, injury while playing sports account for a good number of neck pain cases.
  • Aging: With natural aging, degenerative disorders like Spinal Stenosis, Osteoarthritis and degenerative disc diseases also affect the spine which in turn causes neck pain.

Neck Pain and Chiropractic Care

Research and studies have provided substantial evidence to encourage Chiropractic care for neck pain. According to literature review, published in March-April 2007 issue of the Journal of Manipulative & Physiological Therapeutics, there is substantial evidence showing significant improvement in neck pain level following Chiropractic spinal manipulations. All trial groups subject to chiropractic care, reported substantial improvements in pain following chiropractic manipulations.

When you visit a Chiro-practitioner, they would perform tests and ask various questions about symptoms and remedies tried for neck pain. Questions like - Time of start of pain, Factors affecting pain levels, Any prior prescription or care taken by the patient, etc.  Chiro-practitioners also try to observe other physical aspects like posture, motion range, movements that causes pain, physical conditions to find out the root cause and to ascertain the correct treatment for neck pain. At times, Chiro-practitioners also perform X-Rays to ascertain the cause of pain. In rare cases, CT scans and EMG (electromyography) tests are done. They may also try to feel your spine with hands to check out the curvature and alignment. In case you are diagnosed with some organic disease or fracture, your chiro-practitioner will refer you to appropriate medical specialist.

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