Chiropractic Management of Migraines

by Administrator 5. October 2009 19:07

Cervical spine is believed to be connected with headache, dizziness and pain. Several studies have been conducted in recent years and have indicated tremendous improvement in patients suffering from Migraines. In a recent study nearly 64 subjects who were identified with migraine by IHS (International Headache Society) underwent various chiropractic adjustments at various chiropractic vertebral sub-luxations.

Another 64 subjects were attached to a control group and they received interferential therapy. This therapy involved placement of electrodes on each subject without any electricity being passed through it. This study included three stages and each stage extended for a period of two months. In the first stage data was collected before treatment, second stage includes the treatment period and post treatment data was collected in the third stage.

Each subject underwent six months period during which frequency, intensity, duration, disability, related symptoms and medication during each migraine episode were recorded. Subjects in the manipulation group established statistically note worthy improvement in migraine frequency, headache duration, disability and medication. Nearly 20% of the subjects reported tremendous reduction in migraine after 2 months of SMT while more than 50% reported improvement in severity of migraine.

All these results enhance previous evidence that suggest improvements in specific subjects following chiropractic manipulation. Nearly 80% of the subjects have stated stress to be the main reason for migraine. It also appears that chiropractic care effected physical condition related to stress and thus helped in reducing the effects of migraine.

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