Chiropractic Treatment For Asthma In Killeen TX

by Administrator 20. May 2013 06:18

In US, the number of patients suffering from asthma has increased manifold over the past few years. Even scarier is the fact that the cases of asthma-related deaths are on a serious high across the world. Most of the people are not even aware of the fact that they are suffering from asthma and attribute the symptoms of this disease to some other health problem.

The exposure to allergens and polluted air is generally responsible for the increasing asthma cases. Dust from furniture, carpets etc. coupled with hazardous allergens coming out from cleaning products and similar things; contribute a lot towards unhealthy air. Since the air we are inhaling is loaded with too many harmful particles, people are bound to face difficulty in breathing.

However, patients suffering from asthma can now find relief in chiropractic care. This type of treatment has proven to be very useful in treating the symptoms of this potentially dangerous disease. People who undertake chiropractic treatment experience significant relief from bronchial hyper-activity. The severity of the disease also decreases to a great extent by following this method of treatment.

Chiropractic care for asthma basically involves spinal manipulation that works towards improving the condition of the patient. The doctor first carefully evaluates the complete physical as well as neurological history of the patient. He also scrutinizes many other factors such as the diet of the patient, lifestyle as well as stress-causing agents.

After a thorough check-up, the doctor works in tandem with the patient to provide him respite from asthmatic symptoms. The main motive is to improve the motor skills as well as work on respiratory and stomach muscles. In totality, the chiropractic treatment focuses on enhancing the complete quality of the patient’s life.

It must be understood that asthma is a chronic condition and it cannot be cured completely. However, chiropractic treatment can work towards providing great relief from problematic symptoms. Apart from the treatment, there are many other things that must be taken care of by the patients affected with asthma.

You must go the doctor and get a complete check-up done for viral respiratory infections and other similar conditions. These conditions need to be treated for reducing the problems caused by asthma. Also remember that pregnancy as well as thyroid disease contributes towards worsening of the symptoms of asthma.

Consuming foods that are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids can prove to be beneficial for asthmatic patients. Also, vitamin C supplements are very good in reducing allergic symptoms. If you too are suffering from this problematic disease, do take necessary precautions and always cover your nose whenever you go out of your homes. Taking the necessary precautions is the first step towards treating the disease.

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Chiropractic Can Reduce High Blood Pressure

by Administrator 6. May 2013 08:42

High blood pressure is one of the most common health conditions affecting Americans today, and the shocking part is that one in three affected are not even aware that they suffer from it. The worst effect of high blood pressure is on the cardiovascular system, it being one of the leading causes of heart disease. The most common cause of high blood pressure is the constriction of the arteries supplying blood to the heart muscles, due to the buildup of plaque in their walls. This results in a reduced supply of oxygen and other vital nutrients to the organs of the body, due to which the heart is forced to pump blood forcefully through the vascular system, resulting in high blood pressure or hypertension.

While commonly prescribed allopathic drugs like Beta-Blockers, ACE inhibitors, diuretics, vasodilators, etc. are effective in immediately bringing down high blood pressure, they do not address the problem at its roots, which is why they have to be administered for prolonged periods. The chiropractic approach to the treatment of high blood pressure is a holistic and drug-free, where the aim is to eliminate the disorder from its roots, instead of merely focusing on masking the symptoms. The Killeen chiropractic center has documented several cases of patients in whom there was a significant and long-term reduction in blood pressure through chiropractic treatment.

The first thing that is encouraged in this form of treatment is a complete lifestyle modification, in which the patient must go on a low-sugar, low-fat diet and maintain a peaceful state of mind. Patients are advised to engage in activities like yoga, meditation, dancing, walking, etc., so as to encourage stress-free living. The chiropractic treatment itself, which can be obtained at various centers across Killeen, involves the manipulation of the spine using a specific technique. This treatment is completely pain-free.

The chiropractor adjusts the Atlas vertebra (C-1 vertebra), which is an arc-shaped bone at the top of the spine. Described as the “fuse-box” of the body, the Atlas lies close to two centers of the brain that are responsible for regulating the muscular system of the body. When these centers get slightly pinched by the Atlas, it has various negative effects on the body, including high blood pressure. Chiropractic adjustment of this vertebra results in a significant drop in blood pressure, with an average of 15mm Hg. This is equivalent to the effect of two blood pressure medications administered together.

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Vertigo, Dizziness And Chiropractic Treatment

by Administrator 5. April 2013 13:48

Vertigo is a medical condition wherein a person experiences dizziness and feels giddy. This commotion can lead to nausea and also the patient can find it difficult to balance his body. However, now chronic vertigo patients have found a ray of hope in chiropractic treatment, which is easily available in Killeen. This cure can remove the symptoms of vertigo in a few treatment sessions.


One of the major reasons behind vertigo and dizziness is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), also known as Benign Vertigo or Positional Vertigo. BPPV originates in the inner ear and can shoot off after a head or neck trauma. Severe cold or virus attack can also be the reason behind suffering from this disease. BPPV causes repeated attacks of positional vertigo. In this case, the patient feels a spinning sensation due to the changes in the head’s position. The other causes of dizziness are acute vestibular neuronitis or labyrinthitis. Sometimes, tumors, stroke or other diseases of the nerves can also lead to dizziness.

If you too are suffering from this problem, visit an experienced chiropractor in Killeen as soon as possible. He will be able to determine the exact reason behind your problem after a thorough check-up.


Chiropractic treatment has proven to be very beneficial in patients suffering from the problem of vertigo and dizziness. The treatment involves manipulations of the affected cervical vertebrae to bring them back to the correct position. The vertebrae that are mainly worked upon are C1 and C2 and their re-alignment helps in treating various types of vertigo.

Treatment with the help of chiropractic manipulations is particularly helpful when a sudden trauma has caused discomfort in the neck vertebra and led to the symptoms of vertigo. A chiropractic doctor assesses the condition of the patient by thoroughly performing a physical or neurological examination. A complete recovery plan is designed only after a proper diagnosis.

Several of the BPPV patients can be cured by using the Epley or Semont Manoeuvre. This technique is very useful and mostly tolerable by the patients of BPPV. The doctor basically makes use of gravity to position the calcium carbonate crystals in such a way in the inner ear that they do not cause the symptoms anymore. The doctor further prescribes some exercises that are to be done at the home.

This treatment is very safe as there are no harmful painkillers or antibiotics involved. Also, the root cause of the problem is eliminated to provide permanent relief. After 3-4 sittings, the patient feels a lot better and most of the symptoms vanish away.

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Chiropractic Care For Acid Reflux

by Administrator 24. February 2012 10:48

Acid reflux, also known as GERD (Gastroesophageal Refux Disease) is a condition in which food is sent back from the stomach into the esophagus (food pipe), leading to a burning sensation. The condition might be caused by a variety of reasons. One of the most common causes is an underlying condition referred to as hiatal hernia, in which the stomach is displaced from its original position, to an abnormal position above the diaphragm. It can also be caused by an abnormality in the LES (Lower Esophageal Sphincter), which is like a muscular ring that seals the lower end of the esophagus, preventing the food from moving back into it. 

Chiropractic care for the disorder is rapidly gaining popularity as a means of treating acid reflux. This treatment option follows a varied approach for the management of the disorder, depending on the underlying cause. It is most efficient for the cure of acid reflux caused by hiatal hernia. This being a mechanical problem, caused by the displacement of the stomach, is treated mechanically, by using manual chiropractic techniques to return the stomach back to its original position. While the administration of antacids in a patient with hiatal hernia might cause temporary relief from the discomfort, it fails to address the underlying cause, which is efficiently treated by chiropractic methods.

In patients who are not suffering from hiatal hernia, chiropractic treatment focuses on the nerves that are responsible for supplying signals to the stomach and the esophagus. These nerves, which are present in the mid-back are adjusted over a few sessions with a chiropractor, eventually leading to complete relief from the disorder. This method has also been found to relieve acid reflux in young infants. According to a study published in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, 16 infants were found to experience complete relief from colic or acid reflux, after undergoing chiropractic treatment. The problem in these infants was found to be in the neck region, following difficult births.

Chiropractic treatment for acid reflux also suggests lifestyle modification along with the treatment. Patients are advised to stay away from caffeinated beverages, smoking, alcohol, drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen, and soda etc. Interestingly, according to chiropractic principles, the administration of antacids, which is most common line of treatment for acid reflux, only aggravates digestive problems in patients in the long run. Dr. Eugene Goldberg, a Pittsburgh based chiropractor recommends the administration of HCL with food to patients above 40, to improve digestion, explaining that most of these patients suffer from an acid deficiency. Chiropractic treatment for the disease thus makes perfect sense physiologically.

If you are seeking a chiropractor in Killeen, Fort Hood, Harker Heights, Nolanville, Belton, Lampasas or Gatesville, visit us at Corrective Chiropractic and Wellness. We are located at 560 E. Central Texas Expressway, Suite 102, Harker Heights, TX 76548. You can also call us at (254) 698-1600.

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Chiropractic Care For Anxiety

by Administrator 6. February 2012 08:37

Anxiety is a psychological disorder associated with persistent feelings of fear and worry that are excessive and unnecessary. These feelings might be accompanied with physical symptoms in advanced cases of the disorder. A person suffering from anxiety lives in a constant state of threat and anticipates the worst from everyday situations. The disorder usually interferes with a normal life, making it difficult to cope with social activities, work, relationships, studies etc.

Symptoms: The symptoms of this disorder can be classified into four categories:

  • Physical symptoms: It includes palpitations, rapid heartbeat, fatigue, nausea, shortness of breath, chest pain, stomach ache, headache, muscle tension, sweating and trembling.
  • Emotional symptoms: It includes difficulty in concentration, being easily startled, irritability, restlessness, nightmares and periods of mental blankness.
  • Cognitive symptoms: A person suffering from anxiety has fear of symptoms leading to death, anticipating extreme illnesses like heart attacks/ tumours as a result of symptoms like rapid heartbeat, chest pain and headache.
  • Behavioural symptoms: Withdrawal from situations that previously caused anxiety, behaviour like foot-tapping, nail-biting etc.

Causes:   Anxiety can be due to either of the following factors:

  • Genetics: It is suggested that anxiety might be a familial tendency caused by certain genes.
  • Neurochemistry: Patients with anxiety exhibit altered levels of various neurotransmitters.
  • Environment: Certain traumatic events like motor accidents, death of a loved one, failure in exams/ at work, etc. might initiate anxiety. Another major cause of the disorder is withdrawal from addictive substances like drugs/ alcohol. 

With more than 19 million adults in America suffering from the disorder, anxiety has been recognised as the most common mental health illness by the National Institute of Mental Health. The most common line of treatment for the disorder is by drug therapy. However, alternative modes of treatment like chiropractic therapy are rapidly gaining popularity for their long-term benefits and reduced side effects.

According to a research co-authored by Dr. Madeline Behrendt, Associate Editor of JVSR, and Dr. Nathan Olsen, a chiropractor in private practice in Boise, Idaho, chiropractic management of anxiety lowers symptoms of the disorder by 90%. This system works on the principle that the underlying cause of the disease is the misalignment of spinal nerves, which is corrected manually over regular sessions with a chiropractor. This alternative treatment alleviates symptoms of anxiety gradually without any side effects, and offers prolonged and sustainable treatment of the disorder.

To know more about how Chiropractic care can help in treating anxiety or for any other related query, visit us at Corrective Chiropractic and Wellness, located at 560 E. Central Texas Expressway, Suite 102, Harker Heights, TX 76548 or call us at (254) 698-1600.

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Chiropractic Treatment For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

by Administrator 25. January 2012 14:18

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel refers to the tunnel like passageway which connects your forearm to the palm of your hands. It consists of bones, tendons and ligaments. The median nerve is the only nerve which passes though the Carpal Tunnel. The function of this nerve is to receive and supply sensations and movements from the thumb, index, and middle fingers of the hand. The thickening or swelling of irritated tendons causes the median nerve to get compressed or squeeze. This causes tingling, numbness, weakness, inflammation and muscle damage in the hands and fingers. This condition is termed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

How can Chiropractic care treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

The treatment includes the manipulation of the affected area as well as the upper spine. Spinal manipulation generally involves applying manual controlled pressure to a joint. The patient is also advised to give the affected area ample rest, apply cold (ice pack) in order to reduce the inflammation or perform certain exercise. In many cases, wearing a splint or brace is also very helpful.

The Chiropractic treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome includes the following:

  • Manipulation: Misalignment is one of the main causes of CTS. Chiropractors perform adjustments to correct this misalignment by manipulating the wrist, arm and upper spine with his/her hands or with some devices. They may also treat the other body parts affected by CTS accordingly.
  • Ultrasound therapy: This therapy is mostly used for chronic pain and to promote tissue healing. It can be either thermal or mechanical and uses high-energy or low energy sound (both are out of range of normal human hearing). Chiropractors use a device emitting focused sound waves to that enter the affected issue and relaxes the muscles and reduces the pain.
  • Wrist support: There are certain wrist supports available which provide support and help in the proper alignment of the wrist.

To know more about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and how chiropractic therapy can help in curing it or for any other query, feel free to visit us at Corrective Chiropractic and Wellness, 560 E. Central Texas Expressway, Suite 102, Harker Heights, TX 76548. You can also call us at (254) 698-1600.

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