Chiropractic Care And Infertility

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Chiropractic care stresses the diagnosis and treatment of various problems through stimulation of the neuro-muscular system, especially the spine. Though there is no direct established relation between infertility and chiropractic treatment, still an increase in the fertility rate for women suffering from infertility and who underwent chiropractic care shows that there is a positive relation between the two.

Chiropractic treatment mainly includes a kind of manual therapy, consisting of manipulation and relaxation of the spine and other muscles and joints. It also includes mild exercising and healthy lifestyle as a form of after treatment care. Studies have recently been conducted on women with varying pregnancy histories. Ladies from various age groups, at different stages of their reproductive cycles were found to have benefitted from the chiropractic treatment and post treatment chiropractic care. Ladies, who had miscarriages in the past or were not able to conceive at all, were found to have conceived within 2 to 20 months of the initiation of the chiropractic treatment. A variety of treatments under chiropractic care were used, the main focus being a technique known as vertical subluxations.

Though the chiropractic treatment is not a direct and recognised treatment for pregnancy related issues or infertility, it is estimated that betterment of neuro-spinal integrity through various chiropractic procedures, lead to better physiological balance or homeostasis and bodily adaptations, thus making the individual’s health improve manifold.

Another important point is that regular chiropractic care, exercises and healthy lifestyle makes the spine strong and is exceptionally good for pregnant women. Chiropractic care strengthen the spine, entire vertebral column and make the body of the expecting mother stronger and healthier for bearing the weight of the child easily. Such expecting mothers who regularly undergo chiropractic care and treatment during the course of their pregnancy are estimated to give birth to stronger and healthier children and run low on the scale of miscarriages and premature deliveries. It is also believed that such women have an easy labour, generally normal deliveries and have to bear lesser pain during child birth as compared to women who do not undergo chiropractic care during their expectation period.

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