Endometriosis And Chiropractics

by Administrator 18. March 2011 14:10

Endometriosis can be termed as an afflictive ailment which affects millions of women of the childbearing age. Endometriosis is caused when the lining of uterus begins developing outside of the uterus. Normally endometriosis happens in the fallopian tubes, ovaries and the tissues keeping the uterus. Nevertheless, in a few cases it may additionally occur on the bowel, bladder and other organs in the nearby region. In ladies with endometriosis, extraneous endometrium also matures and may induce terrible pain, redness, and swelling. 

Symptoms of Endometriosis:

Symptoms of endometriosis are not identical in all women. Where few women might possibly not have any pain, others can suffer from continuing severe pain. Endometriosis could make sexual intercourse painful and even cause infertility in worst cases. As a matter of fact, endometriosis is usually identified when a woman is not able to gestate. 

Endometriosis may additionally impact a woman's period, producing an irregular menstrual cycle. Furthermore, endometrium growth on the bladder could result in terrible pain during urination, as well as abdominal puffing up. 


It is quite hard to establish a diagnosis of endometriosis on the basis of symptoms, the reason being that these symptoms can be easily confused with period pain or soreness due to other sicknesses in the abdominal region. Hence, the two ordinarily employed remedies used for diagnosis of endometriosis are laparoscopies and ultrasounds. 


The primary target of most endometriosis treatments is to get a grip on the pain and shrink the extraneous growth of endometrium. Some treatments might imply surgical removal of the external endometrium. Surgical practices can relieve pain, shrink swelling and even restore fertility in few patients. 

Hormone Treatment (HT) may be ordered to patients, to reduce the external endometrium. Additionally, anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers are used to render alleviation from pain, but they will not likely handle other symptoms. 

Chiropractic therapy can easily render relief from the conditions of endometriosis. An alternative treatment, such as those normally witnessed in Corrective Chiropractic and Wellness, can assist patients in keeping off the negative aspects of the drugs and free them from the post operative pain.

Chiropractic therapy can do wonders in keeping you fit and fine. Visit us at Corrective Chiropractic and Wellness - 560 E. Central Texas Expressway, Suite 102, Harker Heights, TX 76548 to know more about the same.