Chiropractic Care For Addicts

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An article posted in Psychology Today Online (July 14th 2006) with a sub title "Beating addiction may take an extra nudge from the chiropractor", focused on how chiropractic care works towards de-addiction of addicts. The article was about an individual undergoing addiction treatment therepy with Exodus Addiction Treatment Center in Florida. The center had a much higher success rate in comparison to other national treatment centers. The higher success rate was attributed to chiropractic care given to patients along with normal addiction treatment procedure.

According to article, chiropractic care is a part of therapy for addiction treatment at Exodus Addiction Treatment Center and one of the patients recognized chiropractic care to be majorly responsible for successful de-addiction therapy. It was mentioned that chiropractic care stimulates spine which has direct connection with nervous system and neurotransmitters. When a patient is administered chiropractic treatment, spine with connection to nervous system produces a physical and mental state of well being. Chiropractic treatment was designed to correct “subluxations” thereby returning the normal nerve functions.

Another study published in the same article referring Molecular Psychiatry journal showed the reason behind success of Exodus treatment center where three groups were compared during the treatment course. One group was given chiropractic along with normal treatment, while the other two groups were treated without chiropractic care. The two groups without chiropractic care showed approximately 55% completion of addiction program (roughly around the national average) while the group with treatment along with chiropractic care showed a complete 100% completion of addiction program.

According to Dr. Jay Holder chiropractic treatment for addiction is not a new form of treatment but only assists patients to take full benefits of current treatment procedure.

Chiropractic care is one of the remarkable ways to rejuvenate our body system to induce a feeling of well being. Various issues related to body and mind can interfere with daily activities. Chiropractic treatment is one of the best solutions for overall well being.

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