Can Chiropractic Cure Knee Pain?

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Knee pain is an evolving issue in our society and consequently we witness an increasing number of patients with knee problems in our practices.
Chiropractic Treatment is really efficient for many of the troubles that spark knee pain. Although condition like osteoarthritis is not treatable, the symptoms can be brought down and the advancement of the trouble can be cured, thanks to our advanced and unique way of thinking towards the treatment. Keep reading to find out how! 

  • If the knee pain is restricting your daily or sporting activities.
  • You have been fed painkillers and been asked to rest considering no long run betterment, or.
  • You have been said that you are suffering from arthritis and there is not a single thing that can be performed.

Then chiropractic treatment may just be the right choice for you.

Chiropractic therapy of knee joint pain:

We have drafted the procedure of our handling below to present you with an idea of our approach. We would usually alter the therapy to fit each patient and his specific issues. So the form of treatment that is best suited for one person is not really inevitably correct for the other.

Phase 1: Reduce joint inflammation and bring down pain.

  • Reduction of worsening factors, usage of a support, and sports tape.
  • Ice to minimize inflammation, muscle spasm and pain.
  • Soft tissue curing: laser, ultrasound and interferential therapy.

Phase 2: Normalize joint use.


  • Typical chiropractic handling and mobilization techniques are applied on the restricted movement areas in the knee and the surrounding joints, which boosts the function, maximizes movement and cuts down pain.
  • Deep delicate cross-friction, trigger-point therapy and tissue massage.

Phase 3: Reclamation exercise program.

  • At the right time, we introduce exercises to boost strength, resistance and stability. We additionally work on amending your balance and the sense of joint position (proprioception). This will make it easier to turn back to normal and also forbid new injuries.

To find all the queries to your problems related to knee pain, do not hesitate in contacting us at Corrective Chiropractic and Wellness, 560 E. Central Texas Expressway, Suite 102, Harker Heights, TX 76548. Phone:  (254) 698-1600.

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Fundamentals Of Chiropractic Therapy

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Chiropractic therapy is an alternative field of medicine and health care that is built on the basis that the spinal cord in a human being holds the answers to many ailments. This field of study is based on the premise that different types of appropriate manipulations of the spine can help root out certain problems. Although a much disputed science, chiropractic therapy has won a stout fan following after breakthrough recoveries in many patients and possibly dead-end cases where nothing else seemed to have worked. It is now the third most popular field of healthcare that comes after medicine and dentistry.

There are many physiotherapeutic procedures that form a part of chiropractics. Patients are not only required to undergo a medical treatment but also need to be go in for a complete change in their lifestyles to be able to recover. Along with the conventional medications, there are sessions of a mélange of different treatments like acupuncture, muscular exercises focusing on the afflicted region, massage therapy and vitamin supplements that a patient has to undergo in order to be restored back to health and vitality.

In the stress filled lives that most of us lead today, there are lots of people who experience back pain and headaches possibly on a daily basis. When they are not able to find permanent relief for these problems from traditional, oral medicines, chiropractic therapy is sure to come to their rescue and help alleviate these conditions permanently. There have known to be remarkable results for people experiencing lower back pain after as much as two sessions of chiropractic treatment. People suffering from migraines or tension headaches have also shown a much reduced incidence of these ailments after a few sessions of chiropractic treatments.

To know more about how Chiropractic therapy can improve your medical conditions, visit us at Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness. We are located in Harker Heights, Central Texas. For appointments call us at 254-698-1600

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Chiropractic Therapy Helps Polio Patients

by Administrator 27. September 2010 12:48

Polio has always been a disease which the governments of all around the world were concerned. In most cases, the symptoms of polio starts developing during the childhood age of the persons and massively affect the health of a person. Polio is a contagious disease and has caused epidemic in many places across the world and at many occasions. Before the creation of polio vaccine by Jonas Salk in 1955, polio used to take the lives of many individuals. Vaccination plays an important role to save people from polio as there is virtually no treatment of this disease. However, in the recent studies, it was found that chiropractic treatment showed positive results for the treatment in polio. Chiropractic refers to the system of healing which is mainly based on the theory of mechanical disorder of bones and skeletal system which obstructs the nervous systems.

When a case study of how chiropractic treatment has helped in improving the condition of a 69 year old retired woman was published in June 2006 issue of Clinical Chiropractic, it surprised many. According the case study, the woman was suffering from left hand pain of over 40 years duration with restricted bending of the fingers in her left hand. Due to polio, the muscles of the right arm of the woman affected badly and it was no longer working. She also observed itching in the left hand. There were other health problems and as the condition became serious, the surgeons advised surgery.

At this point, the patient started receiving chiropractic care and over a period of 13 visits, she noticed some improvements. She also noticed the color change of her left hand from white to pink. During the next few days, the patient noticed hand improvement and hand itching discontinuation. The patient’s strength also improved from 11.5kg to 16kg. The patient’s posture was improved, scoliosis was decreased and the gait was improved. When these improvements were observed by the surgeon, he believed that there is no need of surgery.

As a part of the case study, when 500 members answered a survey, it was found that the chiropractors received the highest patient satisfaction ratings and the general practitioners received the lowest. This suggests that chiropractic treatment is the one of the best option for countering conditions related to polio.

For complete Chiropractic Care in Killeen, Harker Heights and Fort Hood, visit Corrective Chiropractic and Wellness.

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