Chiropractic Care For TMJ

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TMJ, short for Tempomandibular Joint disorder, is a condition associated with severe pain in the mouth region, caused by an inflammation in the tempomandibular joint, which connects the skull to the mandible; or in the muscles involved in jaw movements. It is closely related to bruxism (grinding/ clenching of teeth), with the underlying cause being an abnormality in the oral musculoskeletal system. It could be caused by altered function of the muscles of mastication, or disc displacement. The most common symptom of the disease is pain, which can also be associated with loss of function in the affected region.

Other symptoms that are commonly experienced by patients with TMJ include- involuntary blinking, difficulty while chewing, grating sound in the mouth, impaired ability to close and open mouth, headache and ear pain (mostly in the morning), dizziness, shoulder pain, neck pain, etc.  With most of the conventional forms of treatment for TMJ being high-risk and irreversible, or merely symptomatic, chiropractic treatment of the disease is emerging as a widely-sought option.

Chiropractic treatment lays its major focus on correcting disorders in bones and joints, which makes it a favorable choice for TMJ patients.
The treatment usually begins with a thorough physical and lifestyle examination, which will include a check into your family history, an X-ray examination, a posture evaluation, a palpation test, and any other tests that your chiropractor might consider significant. If the X-ray examination indicates improper positioning of the condyle head, this might be corrected with the help of an intra-oral splint. In case of TMJ caused by stress, various stress-relieving therapies like massage, counseling, meditation, lifestyle modifications, etc. might be suggested. The programs in the chiropractic treatment of this disease are individually tailored and non-invasive. Certain techniques like electric stimulation, ultrasound, heat, etc. can also be a part of the treatment.

Chiropractic treatment for TMJ also involves joint manipulation, in which the tension in the affected region is relieved by manipulating certain points known as “trigger points”. These points are highly-sensitive knot-like structures rich in muscle fibers. A chiropractor is trained in identifying and manipulating these trigger points for TMJ, hence resulting in pain management. If the jaw misalignment is a result of poor posture, spinal adjustments might offer relief to the patient. Apart from this, your chiropractor is also likely to recommend some home exercises that will aim at strengthening the affected joints, and relieving tension in the tight muscles. The overall effect of the treatment is improved jaw motion and relief from the symptoms of this disorder.

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