Chiropractic Treatment For Running Injuries

by Administrator 3. October 2012 10:18

With the intense practice that is required to improve timings, injuries among athletes are not uncommon. While some of these injuries can be cured with a few sessions of physical therapy, the more severe ones require the patient to undergo chiropractic treatment. If ignored and left without rehabilitation, these injuries can lead to several complications, and in extreme cases might even result in the runner's inability to carry on with running. Running injuries can be divided into two types- traumatic, which result from the impact of falling, collision, etc., and repetitive injuries which are caused by the repeated use of the same set of muscles.

Some of the common running injuries that can be treated by chiropractic techniques include- runner's knee, shin splints, stress fracture, ITBS, ankle sprain, etc. Chiropractic treatment for these injuries focuses on rehabilitating the patient, and restoring his ability to resume running. The treatment starts with a detailed analysis of the injury, which might include an X-ray examination and other tests. This is done to determine the cause of the injury, around which the treatment is based. The first aim of the treatment is to relieve pain, after which the focus is shifted to build strength, flexibility, and coordination.

In many cases, the underlying cause of such injuries is a spinal misalignment, which can be treated by manual manipulation of the spine. The manipulation helps to correct vertebral subluxations, and also works by removing spinal irritation, hence encouraging improved flexibility and restoration of normal movement.  In case of injuries in the soft tissues like muscles, ligaments, and tendons, techniques like soft tissue mobilization, deep tissue massage, ultrasound, stretching etc. can provide relief to patients. Since chiropractic treatment does not involve any administration of drugs, it saves the patient from the side effects and potential addiction to the potent pain killers prescribed for running injuries.

Chiropractors also suggest some preventive measures to the patients, to avoid future injuries. These include wearing shock-absorbing shoes during training, encouraging minimum impact through heel toe landing, using sports taping and custom-made orthotics, making dietary modifications, etc. In this way, this treatment is holistic, and focuses on eliminating the problem from its root cause, instead of merely focusing on the symptoms. Along with strengthening the affected area, chiropractic treatment for running injuries also boosts overall coordination, control, and muscle strength, resulting in the optimal functioning of the joints and muscles, as well as the nervous system.

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