Chiropractic Treatment For Chiari Malformation

by Administrator 12. September 2012 08:34

Chiari malformation is a structural disorder in the brain, which affects the outflow of the Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). This can be associated with various symptoms such as improper coordination, nausea, dizziness, headache, fatigue, and in extreme cases, even paralysis. The effect on the life of a patient varies according to the extent of the malformation. While in some cases the disease may have just a very slight impact, in other’s it might be severely affecting. The surgical treatment of the disease, which includes options like decompression, shunting, and duraplasty, is associated with several side effects and a high risk factor.

Chiropractic treatment for chiari malformation, on the other hand serves as a favorable alternative therapy, which is non-invasive, painless, and is not associated with any side effects. Patients undergoing chiropractic treatment begin to experience relief in around 6 months, with regular sessions. The treatment begins with an MRI scan which is used to ascertain the extent and nature of the malformation. This is followed by manual adjustments in the upper region of the spine, which are expertly performed to gradually bring the cerebellar tonsils to their correct position. It is advisable to continue getting periodic MRI scans so as to have a clear picture of the progress being made with the therapy.

However, if you opt for getting chiropractic treatment for your chiari malformation, it is important that you visit a certified chiropractor with proven expertise in treating the condition. The condition involves the brain, which makes it a disorder of very sensitive nature, and if a quack twists the neck randomly in an attempt to correct the malformation, there is a high risk of the condition worsening. However, a well-trained chiropractor will know better than twisting the neck of a patient with a chiari malformation, and will focus on correcting the upper cervical subluxation.

The treatment varies from patient to patient, and is influenced by the results of a cervical analysis, the symptoms being experienced by the patient, and the cause of the disorder. While some patients experience immediate relief after 2-3 sessions, others might need more prolonged treatment for the effect to be visible. Since the disease takes place on a purely physical level, with the cerebellar tonsils being displaced into the upper cervical spinal cord, it is only logical that its treatment should also be carried out using a physical technique. Chiropractic treatment does just that, and with collaboration with other medical experts can significantly reduce symptoms associated with chiari malformation.

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