Chiropractic Treatment For Cervical Radiculopathy

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Cervical radiculopathy refers to a condition involving pain in the cervical region of the spine, which includes the neck, shoulders, and upper back. The pain has been described as an acute, “pins and needles” sensation, which might travel down the arm, and is associated with numbness in some cases. The pinching of nerves in the surrounding region causes this pain. Even though the disorder is most commonly found in older people, above 50 years of age, it can also be found in younger individuals. In the latter, the most common causes are disc herniation and acute injury in the affected area. 

Certain occupations that involve lifting heavy weights (more than 25 pounds) have been found to be a risk factor for the disease. In the elderly, the disease causes due to aging of the discs, which is accompanied with a loss in height, an increased bulge, reduced flexibility, and loss of water. The result is compressed vertebrae, which are viewed by the body as a weak area. The natural defense mechanism of the body leads to the formation of bone-line structures known as spurs, around the affected area. These structures further stiffen the spine, and lead to narrowing of the foramen region, as well as pinching of the surrounding nerves, resulting in the pain associated with the condition. 

Chiropractic treatment of cervical radiculopathy begins with a thorough spinal examination, which aims at identifying the root cause of the disease. This is followed by the development of an individual treatment plan, in which various chiropractic techniques are used to cure the disorder, as per the needs of the patient. Spinal manipulation has been found to be particularly effective in the treatment of the condition. It might need to be combined with certain other techniques like therapeutic exercises and manual therapy for complete relief from symptoms. 

The key principle on which this chiropractic treatment works, is that of identifying the vertebral subluxations and decompressing them. Once that is done, the pressure from the surrounding nerves is taken off, and this results in immediate relief from cervical radiculopathy. Unlike the drastic forms of treatment, like the administration of steroidal drugs and surgical treatment, chiropractic treatment is non-invasive, and has no documented side-effects. Several patients across the world have benefited from this form of treatment, making it one of the most sought-after methods for the management of cervical radiculopathy.

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