Chiropractic Care For Bunions

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Bunions are an abnormality in the feet, in which the joint that connects the big toe to the rest of the foot becomes enlarged, leading to the outward bending of the bone. This is accompanied by pain and inflammation. The medical term for this condition is hallux valgus, and the disorder affects women 10 times more than men. The two major abnormalities in this condition are the misalignment of the big toe and the development of extra bone tissue. The joint involved in bunions is the metatarsophalangeal joint, which is the joint at the base of the big toe. In a less common condition, referred to as a tailor’s bunion, the affected joint might be the one at the base of the smallest toe.


  • The most common cause of bunions is ill-fitting footwear. Shoes that are too tight, tapered towards the toes, or high-heeled increase the chance of developing bunions.
  • In younger individuals, the disorder might be caused by a genetic predisposition to the condition.
  • A congenital abnormality in bone structure of the feet
  • Nerve abnormalities that affect the feet
  • Injuries to the feet
  • An underlying medical condition like rheumatoid arthritis, flat feet etc.
  • Prolonged abnormal motion using the feet, as in ballet dancing and gymnastics

Chiropractic management of bunions:

The chiropractic treatment of bunions is rapidly gaining popularity, and is one of the most effective ways of managing pain without invasion, or the administration of drugs. The treatment involves the application of chiropractic principles for the mobilization of the joints affected by bunions. This helps to remove the stiffness in these joints, which is the major cause of pain in patients with bunions. With the gentle mobilization and manipulation of the affected joints in all six planes of motion, the pain significantly reduces.

Another major cause of pain and inflammation in patients with bunions is the inflammation of the bursa, a fluid-filled sac between the affected bones. This condition, known as bursitis, is addressed with the help of certain physical therapy modalities. These include warm hydrotherapy and light traction, which are useful in decreasing inflammation and increasing the range of motion of the joints. Chiropractic treatment is especially useful in reducing discomfort in patients following surgery. Even though it does not alter the abnormal joint, it helps the patient in coping with the disorder, by reducing pain, and enhancing flexibility.

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