Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

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During pregnancy the body undergoes certain physical changes that may lead to discomfort, pains and aches. Many hormones are increased during pregnancy and these hormones relax the muscles, ligaments and joints. This relaxation, weight gain and postural changes lead to physical problems. Some of the common physical problems during pregnancy include

Swollen hands and feet – Pregnancy can bring with it swelling of hands, feet, ankles and face. It occurs due to retention of water in the body and increased body weight.

Chiropractic Care Includes

  • Nutrition advices – reduce the salt intake, increase the protein intake.
  • Posture – Avoid long standing; don’t keep the foot in air while sitting. It should be well supported on some stool.
  • Chiropractic Massage

Tingling and numbness – Tingling and numbness may be felt in the hands and feet. It is caused since there is increase in pressure on the nerves. Nerves of hands and legs emerge from the spine. With increase in the body weight, there is pressure on these nerves resulting in tingling and numbness.

Chiropractic Care Includes

  • Stretching exercises of the arms and legs
  • Gentle mobilizing exercises of arms and legs
  • Massage
  • Posture advice - Avoid sitting or standing for longer periods. Take rest in between

Leg cramps – Leg cramps may occur suddenly in pregnancy and may be quite painful. They mostly occur in the last months of the pregnancy. Sluggish blood circulation, lack of calcium, and lack of the vitamin B or E may be the possible causes of the cramps.

Chiropractic Care Includes

  • Exercises to increase the circulation in the legs.
  • Nutrition advice – increase intake of milk products.
  • Hot water fermentation

Backaches - The weight of the baby is supported by the backbone, with the assistance of the muscles of the back and abdomen.  When these muscles become week and relax, the pressure on the backbone is more which causes discomfort and pain in the back.

Chiropractic Care Includes

  • Gentle Stretching exercises
  • Soft tissue mobilization to relax the muscles
  • Advice to maintain good posture.

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