Chiropractic Cuts Blood Pressure

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WebMD published an article(March 2007) on making use of chiropractic care to cut down blood pressure on the basis of a research study that was held at the Chicago Medical Centre in the same year. The article can be found in the March issue of the Journal of Human Hypertension. Around fifty participants who all suffered from the problem of hypertension took part in this research. The study was organized by dividing all the participants into groups consisting of twenty five members each.

The former group was provided chiropractic adjustments aimed at specific areas like the upper bone in the neck region while the latter only received a part therapy that did not consist of any such chiropractic adjustments. However, the participants were given no knowledge of whether they were receiving actual chiropractic adjustments or not as all of them received force administration on specific areas of the body half of which were not real chiropractic therapy.

The study comprising of real and fake adjustments lasted over a period of eight weeks after which the researchers evaluated the results. It was found that the group that received actual chiropractic adjustments showcased a significant decrease in their blood pressure levels compared to those that did not. There was a 14 mm Hg greater decrease in the systolic blood pressure and an 8 mm Hg reduction in the diastolic blood pressure level in these patients when compared to those who did not receive actual chiropractic care. Systolic blood pressure refers the upper limit of the blood pressure while diastolic signifies the lower limit.

At the end of the study period, X-rays were also employed in order to know for sure that the results gathered from the experimental study were indeed correct. It was assessed whether the position of the Atlas vertebrae showed a change after the chiropractic adjustments were administered to the patients as the change in its position is said to lower blood pressure. It was thus established that an alteration in the position of the said vertebrae indeed caused a decrease in hypertension levels and helped eliminate this ailment to a great extent.

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