Birth Trauma & Chiropractic

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The world is now beginning to wake up to a point of view that was until recently largely endorsed by chiropractors alone. Chiropractors have always understood and emphasized the importance of treating the process of birth as a natural procedure that is not to be viewed from a medical point of view. These days, the delivery process is marked by heavy sedation and surgical procedures like C-sections that may in the long run be harmful to babies born in such abnormal ways that are not warranted by nature.

Chiropractors are very concerned about the development of subluxations in babies who are not delivered naturally. These may cause problems later on in life for an individual who is not born from a normal delivery. There has been all kinds of documented evidence proving that the nervous system of such an individual is adversely affected and in some cases, the neck area may also be damaged. Sometimes, the damage can be so severe so as to be spread to the spinal cord as well.

Apart from chiropractors, many other medical professionals have found that the positioning of the mother at the time of delivery that is prescribed in hospitals all over the world and the pulling that is done by the doctor is responsible for these subluxations. The mother, by lying down in the stated position makes the birthing process complicated by acting against gravity. There is a lot of pushing and pulling forces that are applied from opposite ends on the baby’s body that can lead to a kind of shock for the baby trying to make its way out.

There are many babies that are abnormally swollen, showcase spinal damage, experience blood loss from the brain and other nervous system defects. Sometimes, stillborn babies are also an indirect result of the conventional birthing process that is currently followed by doctors. In some cases, even though the baby looks healthy upon being born, he/she may show various problems like headaches, reduced immunity, vision problems, etc. as he/she grows up.

In order to enhance the birthing process and eliminate these problems, chiropractors suggest a change in the positioning of the mother at the time of delivery. She should ideally be either in a squatting position or in a sitting or upright position so that gravity can aid the birth. Babies born without excessive force and pressure applied on them tend to be healthier and showcase minimal nervous disorders.

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