The Benefits Of Spinal Decompression Therapy

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Spinal decompression therapy is an effective non-surgical treatment alternative for acute or chronic back pain. In this, the chiropractors use a specialized equipment to gently stretch the spine in order to alter its force and position. Due to this change, the spinal discs are relieved of the excessive stress. Consequently, the herniated discs may resume their original position, thus relieving the spine of any undue pressure.

Besides back pain, spinal decompression therapy may also be beneficial in treating the following conditions:

  • Sciatica: It occurs due to irritation or inflammation of the sciatic nerve, the longest nerve of the body that runs from the lumbar spine to the feet. Sciatica may cause moderate to severe pain and tingling sensation in the lower back or legs.
  • Facet Syndrome: In this condition, the small joints between the vertebrae in the get inflamed which leads to pain. The facet joints help in making the spine flexible as well as assist in bending and twisting.
  • Spinal Stenosis: It involves narrowing of intervertebral spaces in the spinal column which puts a lot of stress on the spinal cord as well as nerves.
  • Bulging or Herniated Discs: This condition affects the rubbery cushions (discs) between the spinal vertebrae. A disc is said to herniate when it relocates from its normal position and puts pressure on the adjacent nerves. 

Listed below are some benefits of spinal decompression therapy:

  • Non-invasive: Spinal decompression does not include any surgical procedure and is a non-invasive form of treatment. It is painless and much safer treatment option to relieve back pain and associated problems in the spine. Apart from this, there are no side-effects involved and the patient can recover in a lesser period of time.
  • Comfortable therapy: During the course of treatment, the patient is regularly examined to assess the number of sessions he may require. Most of the patients may find relief within four to six weeks after starting the treatment.
  • Provides long-term relief: Spinal decompression therapy has shown to provide long-term relief in patients suffering from spinal problems. The chiropractor may even suggest a daily exercise program to prevent back pain.

If you are experiencing low back or neck pain, visit Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness. The chiropractors at the clinic perform spinal decompression therapy to treat various back conditions. To schedule an appointment with the chiropractors serving Killeen, TX, you can call at (254) 698 – 1600.

Killeen Chiropractic Adjustment For Lower Back Pain

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The lower back comprises of various lumbar spine vertebrae, nerves, ligaments and internal organs of the pelvis and abdomen. The major function of the lower back is to provide structure and movement to various body parts. It bears the complete weight of our upper body and therefore discomfort or pain can occur at any point due to a problem in the discs between the vertebrae or spinal cord and nerves etc.


  • Injury to the ligaments, tendons or muscles in the lower back
  • Irritation in the nerves of the lumbar spine
  • Fall on the back or a serious injury
  • Poor posture
  • Medical conditions such as Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Sciatica etc.
  • Excessive or forceful twisting
  • Lifting heavy weights
  • Damage to the discs between the vertebrae


  • Pain that ranges from a mild ache to a throbbing sensation
  • Difficulty in standing straight
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control
  • Weakness in legs
  • Numbness and tingling sensation in the lower back that can radiate to the leg

Chiropractic Adjustment For Lower Back Pain

  • Chiropractic adjustment or spinal manipulation can be effective in treating lower back pain. Chiropractic treatment aims at providing relief from pain and improving the range of motion of the spine.
  • The procedure involves adjusting the spine manually or with the help of a device. The amount of force applied on the back may depend on the extent of manipulation required and the equipment used. A release of gas can be heard as soon as the force is applied. This is known as joint cavitation and it aids in relieving joint pressure.
  • In order to treat lower back pain, the chiropractor may note down the medical history of the patient along with any occurrence of injury. He may conduct a thorough physical examination and use imaging tests to diagnose the underlying cause of pain. X-Rays may also assist in locating subluxations in the vertebrae that may be used to detect the exact location of pain in the lower back.
  • Chiropractic treatment also helps in restoring normal spine movement by reducing pressure on the nerves and consequently improving the health of the patient. After the treatment, the chiropractor may also provide certain nutritional guidelines and devise an exercise plan to help patient return to his daily activities.

For effective treatment of lower back pain, visit Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness. To schedule an appointment with the chiropractors at the clinic, call at (254) 698 – 1600.

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Benefits Of Chiropractic In Pregnancy

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Chiropractic care is an alternative form of medicine aimed at healing medical conditions by stimulating and making adjustments to the spinal cord, nerves, discs as well as vertebrae. Chiropractic techniques are even believed to be helpful in promoting general wellbeing during pregnancy. Pregnancy can be a psychologically and physically taxing process as the spine and body undergoes several changes to adapt to the needs of the growing fetus. This in turn may create imbalances within the body.

Perinatal chiropractic care not only helps to relieve pressure from the lower back and pelvis but also prepare the body for a safer delivery.

How is Chiropractic Care Beneficial During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman goes through a lot of physiological changes as her body adjusts to accommodate and develop the fetus. These could be related to the pelvis, posture as well as the extra curve that the spine assumes as the belly protrudes outwards.

  • Chiropractic care can help prevent intrauterine constraint as misalignment of the pelvis may lead to narrowing of the abdomen cavity which reduces the free space available for the baby to grow. Chiropractic can help reduce this problem by maintaining pelvic balance and alignment, making it easy for the baby to get into an ideal position for a normal delivery.
  • Helps control morning sickness and nausea
  • It is believed to reduce the chances of a C-section delivery manifold
  • Chiropractic helps alleviate abdominal, back and joint pain that may occur during pregnancy
  • Chiropractic therapy reduces stress on the pelvis, supporting muscles and ligaments
  • Chiropractic adjustments using the Webster technique, have been proven to be beneficial in those pregnancies which have a breech presentation till the eighth month. The therapy may help in turning the vertex of the babies.
  • Eliminates the incidence of Labor Dystocia or painful and difficult labor
  • Chiropractic treatment may help the women by enabling them to bear the pain more effectively and reducing the time spent in labor
  • Helps combat the endocrinological changes that may occur during pregnancy
  • The pressure on the brain stem prevents adequate distribution of the estrogen and progesterone hormones that are essential for the growth of the baby. Chiropractic treatment improves the conduction of messages throughout the body and prevents hormonal imbalances
  • Prevents symptoms such as swelling in the feet, stiffness in the lumbar region, heartburn and other discomforting symptoms associated with pregnancy
  • Allows the body to heal better and quicker post delivery

Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness provides complete perinatal chiropractic services to the patients in Killeen, TX. To schedule an appointment with the chiropractors, you can call at (254) 698 – 1600.

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