Killeen Acupuncture For Bronchitis

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Bronchitis is a respiratory condition that causes inflammation of the mucous membrane in the bronchial passages. This results in narrowing or closing of the airways in the lungs. The condition may result in coughing, phlegm, breathlessness, chest pain, fatigue, fever, shortness of breath and wheezing.

Bronchitis can be classified as:

  • Acute Bronchitis: It persists for one to three weeks and is most commonly seen in people suffering from Asthma. Acute Bronchitis can be caused due to lung infections, mostly viral.
  • Chronic Bronchitis: In this, the symptoms can continue up to 3 months for two consecutive years. Chronic Bronchitis is usually caused due to industrial pollution, smoking, sulfur dioxide and other pollutants in the atmosphere.


Acupuncture, a Chinese medicine, is a form of healing that involves restoring the balance of the body. The procedure involves inserting tiny needles at certain acupuncture points in the body to improve health, treat illness and prevent disease. Acupuncture aims at stimulating these acupuncture points and balancing ‘Qi’, the body’s life force energy. The therapy signals the brain to release hormones or chemicals that reduce pain and improve healing.

Acupuncture For Bronchitis

Acupuncture can assist in treating Bronchitis by manipulating specific points in the body to open or relax the bronchial passages. It also enhances the immunity of the body to fight against any viral infection. An acupuncture session may range from 5 to 30 minutes, or as recommended by the acupuncturist. The procedure starts by inserting stainless steel needles at certain points to break the pain signals sent transmitted through the nerves. It increases the blood flow to the brain and releases energy blockages, thus, curing Bronchitis.

Acupuncture is not a painful treatment as the needles are thin, small, disposable and sterilized. The acupuncturist creates an individual plan of treatment depending on the age of the patient, nature of the condition, severity and the prevalent symptoms. Manipulation of the acupoints offer relief from any nerve blockages and help to reduce symptoms of pain, phlegm as well as breathing difficulties.
For effective treatment, it is imperative to consult an experienced and professional acupuncturist. We, at Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness, provide comprehensive acupuncture care for Bronchitis. To schedule an appointment with our acupuncturist, you can call at (254) 698 – 1600 or visit the clinic at 560 E. Central Texas Expressway, Suite 102, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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Tinnitus: Acupuncture Treatment In Killeen, TX

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Tinnitus is a medical condition characterized by perception of sound in the ear that arises from within the body. These noises can be ringing, clicking, buzzing, whistling, chirping and hissing that are heard either constantly or sporadically. Essentially, Tinnitus is not condition in itself; rather a symptom of some underlying problem, such as an ear injury, age related hearing loss or vitamin deficiencies in the body.


  • Repeated exposure to loud noise
  • Buildup of wax in the ear
  • Abnormal bone growth in the middle ear
  • Vertigo
  • Ear infection
  • Head or neck injury
  • Inner ear cell damage
  • Age related changes in cochlea or other parts of the ear
  • Certain medicines, such as antibiotics or antidepressants

How Acupuncture Can Help?

Acupuncture has long been used as a safe and non-invasive treatment option for Tinnitus. The procedure aims at relieving the symptoms of the condition by stimulating the nerves and removing any obstructions that might be present between the ear and temporal lobe of the brain. Depending upon the cause of Tinnitus, acupoints involved in the treatment may be located under the ear lobe, on the arms or legs.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that along with the qi, there are two other functional elements known as “yin” and “yang“ that must be balanced for overall wellness. Tinnitus is often considered to be caused due to imbalance between these two elements.

Acupuncturists also believe that the functioning of ears is regulated by the kidney-bladder network of the body. As a result, Tinnitus can be associated with degenerative kidney weaknesses caused due to disturbed sleep patterns, overstrain or extreme sexual activity. Certain negative emotions, such as hatred, anger or frustration block the flow of energy to the liver which disrupts normal hearing. Acupuncture therapy promotes the release of body’s natural feel-good hormones, endorphins, that boosts relaxation and sense of wellness.

Acupuncture can help to relieve Tinnitus by:

  • Stimulating the cochlea, particularly the ability of the outer ear cells to contract.
  • Altering the neurochemical balance in the brain by increasing the neuropeptide Y and decreasing serotonin levels.
  • Increasing circulation of blood which reduces swelling.

For effective treatment of Tinnitus, visit Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness. To schedule an appointment with the acupuncturists at our clinic, call at (254) 698 – 1600 or visit 560 E. Central Texas Expressway, Suite 102, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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Killeen Chiropractic For Wrist Pain

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The hand and wrist comprise of approximately 25 bones held together by several ligaments, tendons, soft tissues and muscles. All these structures work together to help the wrist joint move upwards, downwards as well as side to side. Owing to the extensive use of the wrist in almost all activities of daily life, such as writing, holding a pen, typing, gripping, lifting objects etc., any of these structures might get stressed or injured, leading to pain.


  • Sprains and strains
  • Muscle overuse
  • Repetitive stress injury
  • Falls on an outstretched hand
  • Sports injuries
  • Medical conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, Arthritis etc.
  • Direct blow to the wrist

How Chiropractic Care Can Help To Treat Wrist Pain?

Chiropractic therapy follows a holistic approach to treat wrist pain. The chiropractors believe that the condition does not always occur due to misalignment of bones or tension in the nerves of the wrist joint. It may be a result of an underlying problem in any other part of the limb, i.e. hand, finger, elbow or shoulder. Therefore, a proper examination is conducted to diagnose the cause of wrist pain and apply chiropractic techniques accordingly.

Chiropractic treatment for wrist pain mainly involves manipulating the bones of the joint to reinstate their proper alignment and reduce stiffness in the adjoining muscles, ligaments and tendons. This helps to increase blood circulation to the affected area, release tension off the nerves and boost recovery. If the wrist pain is caused due to a nerve irritation, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, chiropractic manipulations will help to eliminate compression along the path of the affected nerve and ensure its proper functioning.

The chiropractor may suggest the patient to:

  • Give proper rest to the affected wrist
  • Avoid activities that may strain the joint
  • Apply heat and ice packs alternately to compress swelling
  • Immobilize the wrist using a splint to provide support, avoid jerky movements and prevent further damage to the joint

The patient may also be advised to do gentle stretching and strengthening exercises to restore the joint’s normal range of motion.  Chiropractic manipulations and adjustments may help to reduce stiffness in the wrist.

We, at Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness, provide comprehensive chiropractic care for wrist pain. Our chiropractors will thoroughly assess your symptoms and diagnose the root cause of the pain to formulate an effective treatment plan. To schedule an appointment with our chiropractors, you can call at (254) 698 – 1600 or visit the clinic at 560 E. Central Texas Expressway, Suite 102, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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