Benefits Of Chiropractic Care For Seniors

by Administrator 21. July 2015 20:28

Chiropractic care is an effective and safe medical treatment for seniors experiencing health issues related to the misalignment of the spine. With increasing age the spinal discs, joints, muscles and ligaments tend to get weaker and unable to withstand stress. Chiropractic care helps in restoring the balance of the spine and releasing muscle tension. Regular visits to the chiropractic center can assist the seniors in preventing a number of health problems and improve spinal health.

Here are some of the benefits of chiropractic care for seniors:

  • Pain Relief: Chiropractic care is greatly beneficial for treating pain that occurs due to abnormalities in the spine and the surrounding tissues. The chiropractors identify and treat the misalignments and its effect on the nervous system.
  • Increases Spine Health: With age the spine gets restricted and its range of motion decreases. Chiropractic care helps in treating the spinal abnormalities and increases its flexibility.
  • Increases Coordination and Balance: Over time seniors experience various degenerative changes in their spine, which lead to decline in balance and coordination. The person may find it difficult to walk and get up due to impaired mechanoreceptors. Chiropractic care helps in increasing balance and coordination with minimum discomfort or pain.
  • Eliminate The Need of Assisted Living: The elders who regularly attend chiropractic sessions tend to remain healthy and are able to take care of themselves. This eliminates the need to visit nursing homes or stay at assisted living facilities.
  • Improve Mobility of Joints: Chiropractic care helps in aligning the spine and controls the degeneration of spine. It improves joint and muscle strength, thus promoting overall well-being of the senior.
  • Reduce Risks of Falls: Some seniors have the tendency to fall and injure themselves, which can even lead to bone fractures. Chiropractic care improves flexibility, coordination, strength and mobility, which greatly help in preventing falls and injuries.
  • Promotes Well-being: The chiropractic care helps the seniors lead a healthy life. They are able to sleep better and feel more energetic. This helps in improving the overall quality of life of the senior.

Besides treating various health issues, chiropractic care focuses on making seniors become more independent.

We, at Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness, provide healthcare services to seniors across Killeen, TX. To schedule an appointment with our chiropractors, you can call at (254) 698 – 1600.

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Benefits Of Electrical Muscle Stimulation: Chiropractic Killeen

by Administrator 14. July 2015 19:07

Electrical muscle stimulation is a chiropractic therapy involving the use of low frequency electrical impulses to stimulate and tighten up the muscles in the body. Electrical muscle stimulation incites the body to release the natural pain reliever hormones and endorphins in order to relieve soreness, decrease swelling and expedite recovery. When the electric current is delivered, the patient may feel a tingling or mild pins and needles sensation. The therapy is often administered to aid in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, ligament sprains, muscle strains and spasms.

Here are some of the benefits of electrical muscle stimulation:

  • Reconditions Muscles: Electrical stimulation is majorly used to recondition the muscles that become stiff following an injury. The therapy aims at restoring the normal movement and rebuilding the basic strength of these muscles. It works by forcing the muscles to contract in a coordinated pattern so as to strengthen the link between their movements and the brain. It is specifically beneficial for athletes who are recovering from a sports related injury.
  • Relieves Osteoarthritis Symptoms: People suffering from any type of Arthritis experience intense joint pain and have limited range of motion. Electrical muscle stimulation is an effective chiropractic therapy providing relief from pain and helping patients regain mobility in the affected joint. It also helps to strengthen the affected muscles and retard the degradation of joint tissues.
  • Prevents Muscle Atrophy: Muscle Atrophy is a condition characterized by weakness and loss of movement in the muscles. It may be caused due to several medical problems such as stroke or neurological deficits, and can be very painful if not treated in time. Through electrical muscle stimulation, chiropractors aim at providing pain relief by slowing down or preventing the loss of muscle mass and retaining proper functioning of the weakened muscles.
  • Pressure Sore Prevention: Pressure sores or bedsores are commonly seen in patients requiring continuous use of beds, wheelchairs or other supportive devices. This puts a constant pressure on certain parts of the body. Electrical muscle stimulation applied to the gluteus maximus muscle in the buttocks can help to reduce the risk of pressure sores in such patients. The therapy aims at maintaining proper buttock shape and preventing deformities, thus, lowering the chances of developing pressure sores.

We, at Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness, provide electrical stimulation therapy to the patients in Killeen, TX. To schedule an appointment with our chiropractors, you can call at (254) 698 – 1600 or visit the clinic at 560 E Central Texas Expy Suite 102, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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Acupuncture In Killeen, TX

by Administrator 6. July 2015 16:30

Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of therapeutic practice followed throughout the world. Having its roots in traditional Chinese Medicine, the minimally invasive therapy is mainly aimed at providing relief from acute or chronic pain. Acupuncture involves encouraging the body to stimulate its natural healing process and improve overall functioning.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

According to Chinese medical practitioners, all illnesses are a result of a blocking or imbalance in the supply of a life force, known as ‘qi’. This energy is believed to flow through regular pathways, or meridians, throughout the body. However, at times, the qi can be stuck in any of these meridians, which results in the development of a medical problem. Stress, poor dietary habits, overstrain, disease pathogens and other environmental conditions can block the energy. By inserting fine needles into certain points present along these meridians, the flow of qi can be rebalanced to restore a healthy state of body.

Health Benefits Of Acupuncture

  • Treats Muscle And Joint Pain: Acupuncture has long been known to be an effective treatment option to cure muscle and joint pain. It helps to heal the root cause of the pain and reduce inflammation, reset neural pathways to prevent transmission of pain signals and increase oxygen supply to the injured tissues. Acupuncture can be used to treat many types of pain arising out of physical stress, improper sleeping postures, unhealed injuries, muscle tightness, pregnancy etc.
  • Improves Muscle Relaxation: Muscle stiffness and limited range of motion due to excessive workout, improper postures or repetitive strain injuries can also be treated with acupuncture. It helps by treating the painful adhesions in the muscles, ligaments as well as surrounding tissues. Thus, the therapy boosts proper blood circulation, muscle relaxation and release of endorphins to control pain, improve mobility as well as functioning of the affected area. 
  • Strengthens Immune System: Certain acupuncture points are known to increase the white blood cells in body, thus increasing resistance to a wide range of health problems. It also helps to control the pores of the skin, thus, preventing the disease causing pathogens from entering into the body.
  • Increases Metabolism: Acupuncture also increases the body’s metabolism and helps in burning undue calories, thus, helping you maintain a healthy weight. It stimulates the release of endorphins, which reduces the levels of lipids and insulin in the blood, thus, lowering the fat content in body.

Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness is a renowned clinic providing complete acupuncture services to the patients in Killeen, TX. To schedule an appointment with our acupuncturists, you can call at (254) 698 – 1600 or visit the clinic at 560 E. Central Texas Expressway, Suite 102, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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