Chiropractic Treatment For Migraine

by Administrator 19. May 2014 13:43

Migraine is a condition which causes severe pain and debilitating headaches that can last for a number of days and can severely cripple your active life. The main causes behind migraine are largely unknown, and in many cases migraine patients need look at alternative forms of treatment if the pain persists and recurs. Any irregularity in blood flow, nerve activity or imbalance of the bodily processes can be seen as a root cause of migraine. In a large number of cases, migraine patients have found lasting relief with chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic therapy mainly involves manipulation, stretching and movement of the spinal column with the effort to restore balance to bodily systems to enhance healing, and restoring good health. With migraine, chiropractic treatment can be considered a viable treatment option as it has proved its efficacy time and again with the condition.

Migraines and Chiropractic Care

For many years, chiropractic treatment has been used to deal with different kinds of headaches, including migraine. Migraine is the cause for some of the most serious and debilitating cases of headache found in people, and chiropractic treatment is a great way to achieve quick and lasting relief. In fact, in many cases, patients using chiropractic treatment for migraine have reported complete curative influences and have confirmed that cases of migraine did not recur in their lives.

Chiropractic treatment proves to be particularly effective in dealing with most common cases of migraine because it attempts to restore normalcy to posture, relieving cases of stress and strain on the neck muscles, muscles of the upper back, and shoulders. With stress relief and correct posture, it has been found that substantial relief can be effected in migraine patients and further cases of recurrence can be minimized. The focus is on restoring proper alignment to the spine and providing adequate relaxation so that the body can deal with the factors causing migraine in a natural and completely holistic way.

Usual chiropractic treatment of migraine commences with a full physical examination. Chiropractors might also want to go deep into the patient’s medical history and find out causal factors which might have contributed to the onset of the migraine. This is followed by chiropractic adjustment of the spine which restores alignment and promotes healing and relaxation. Chiropractors might use a host of other techniques like massaging, the use of braces, breathing techniques and exercises to improve the efficiency of their treatment. Overall, chiropractic treatment is a great way to get quick relief from migraine without side effects.

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Benefits Of Chiropractic Care For Seniors

by Administrator 12. May 2014 14:29

Growing up can be challenging with the many health problems that could surface as one ages. On many occasions, people have to go in for painful procedures or surgeries to cure disorders of the skeletal and muscular systems. All these can now be well taken care of by consulting a chiropractor in Killeen. Read on to know some of the most significant benefits that can be derived out of this form of treatment for the old and senior people.

  • Chiropractic care can be quite effective in treating pain and pain related disorders, in particular, the ones pertaining to the spine and the spinal cord. As with the conventional medicines and injections that come with many side effects, chiropractics can heal pain without causing any other damage. As one grows up, pain can be a deterrent to performing routine tasks. With regular chiropractic care, pain can be taken care of.
  • Another benefit offered by chiropractics is the increased range of motion when it comes to the spine. This has a very positive impact on the way senior people lead their lives; they can easily bend down to pick up their grand children, or take part in activities such as gardening.
  • As one ages, the reflexes tend to become weak, affecting the overall balance and coordination of the body. This aging process can be overcome through the use of regular chiropractic care, which stimulates the joint receptors in the human body. This in turn helps to restore balance and coordination.
  • The right alignment of the spine is very important to ensure good overall health and well being. With age, many degenerative disorders take place and impact the way a senior person goes about his/her life. Chiropractics can be used to ensure proper alignment of the spine. In addition, many arthritis problems can also be adequately handled through the same.
  • The benefit of chiropractics is not primarily restricted to pain relief. By improving an individual’s overall health, the quality of life goes up significantly. Patients report an increase in happiness levels and a general sense of looking forward to each day with excitement.
  • Chiropractics can also be used to improve the strength and flexibility of the body. This can be achieved through regular stretching exercises. The overall result of this is that many elderly people do not have to go to nursing homes for treatment once they have sought the help of a chiropractic expert.

So if you have an elder member in the family, give them a positive outlook on life through chiropractic care; the results are truly incredible.

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Treating Shoulder Pain With Chiropractics

by Administrator 5. May 2014 19:23

Shoulder pain is one of the most common afflictions that most of us get affected by at some time or another. The shoulder is one of the more flexible, mobile and often used joints of the body deriving its range of motion from the joint and the four rotator cuff tendons. It is also one of the joints which is greatly susceptible to overuse, injury and resultant pain. Shoulder pain can be a major cause for inconvenience as it leads to very restricted arm movement. It can happen due to a number of different reasons and factors. It is important that you get the symptoms diagnosed early and make sure that treatment is swift so as to save yourself from more pain and inconvenience in the future. Chiropractics can be a great way to get quick and lasting recovery from shoulder pain. It has been proven time and again to be an efficacious and effective line of treatment for this condition.

Causes and Symptoms

The most common causes of shoulder pain are Bursitis and Tendonitis. Apart from these common conditions shoulder pain can also be caused by age-related Arthritis, Rotator Cuff Tear, Labral Tear, Calcific Tendonitis, dislocation, separation or fracture among many other things. You may lose the ability to use your arm and carry things. Shoulder pain if ignored might intensify over time. There is also a significant loss of mobility which is associated with shoulder pain. The first step is to get the cause diagnosed correctly by a chiropractor and then treatment can commence accordingly.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment can be extremely effective in helping you overcome shoulder pain quickly and completely. Treatment starts usually with several diagnostic steps which are taken to ascertain the cause of the pain. Chiropractors also tend to look at lifestyle, habits, posture and diet to form a complete picture of the patient’s life. The health history of your family and previous injuries and illnesses can also be taken into account.

The chiropractic treatment begins with the correct identification of the vertebrae that might have misaligned or unbalanced. These regions are then treated with the application of gentle pressure and short thrusts of force which serve to restore the balance and alignment and provide relief from the pain. Your chiropractor can also ask you to go through coordinated movement procedures and exercises to restore mobility in the area. The treatment might also include the application of heat, ice packs, stretching procedures, traction and strengthening and conditioning routines. Chiropractic treatment will ensure that the pain is healed and you get back to your normal routine.

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